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Most account management teams struggle with managing emails

A customer email arrives and the team is not sure who has to start working on it - and it remains unattended for long. Keeping customers waiting is a biblical sin.

When account managers need customer context, they are forced to scavenge information from siloed inboxes, or ask around the team.

Every time someone wants to take help from a teammate, they are forced to exchange emails with them. The more emails you involve in a process, the more inefficient it becomes.

Change that for good today

Hiver is your weapon to make client communication simple - almost effortless

Hiver Shared Inbox Account Management Feature Email Delegation

Never leave a customer waiting

Assign customer emails to your teammates in just two clicks from Gmail (no forwarding). You can also automate it (for example, assign all emails from to Laura).

When customers restart an old thread, even those are visible to everyone on the team. There’s no way you’re dropping the ball on an email.

Hiver Shared Inbox Account Management Feature Search

Capture customer information - refer to it in a jiffy

Via Notes, your team can discuss the account, or write comments against emails. Past orders, conversations and internal discussions - all sit neatly on the right panel. Getting information about an account is super easy.

Hiver Shared Inbox Account Management Feature Email Notes

Keep client conversations personal

Everyone on your team has access to all customer conversations inside shared inboxes. You’ll quickly access conversation history of customers without having to dig through multiple inboxes.

Also, your team works together on email replies by sharing drafts (as opposed to exchanging emails). Sending personalized conversations is like a walk in the park.

Hiver Shared Inbox Account Management Feature Email Tags

Effortlessly manage multiple
requests from the same account

Big companies will always have many departments which need your attention at the same time. Categorize emails from the same account using Tags such as billing or tech support. Automate emails with the Billing Tag to be assigned to Mark, and the ones with support to Sarah.

Hiver Shared Inbox Account Management Feature Email Assignment

Manage your team’s workload

Give every customer email an owner and a status - see your team’s workflow in a quick glance. When you divide your team’s workload fairly, they give the right amount of attention to customers.

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We love Hiver! As a team lead, I am most excited for the
visibility I now have into the workflow of my entire team.

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