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Say goodbye to complicated Gmail filter combinations. With Hiver, simply select your preferred filter combination, save it as a View, and share it with team members. No more sifting through endless emails.

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Create Email Views
relevant to you

  • Organize emails you deal with regularly into groups. For instance, all support emails with the tag ‘urgent’ or finance emails with the tag ‘invoices’
  • Use a combination of filters for specific email views
  • Set up multiple email views based on your requirements

How Different Teams Email Views

Group similar customer queries for easier access and to provide faster support. For instance, you can create a View to track all queries tagged as 'urgent' and are still 'pending' (yet to be resolved).

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Customer Support

Track budgets and expenses by creating exclusive Views for both. Group emails on invoices, customer payments, bookkeeping separately, so that it becomes easier to track work and get things done.

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Streamline all technical issues your employee encounter. Create custom Views for easier access to queries regarding upgrades, security, Wi-fi, and more.

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Access Views in a single click

  • Track your team’s workload with Hiver's default Views. You can also create and share custom Views based on important projects or tasks.
  • Mark Views as Favorites for instant access
  • Keep confidential information secure with Private Views. Example: all conversations that the HR team has on salaries.

Hiver can simplify the way your team
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I love Hiver’s Views. It helps us quickly oversee what the teams are working on, and drill down to individual tasks as necessary.

Matt Smith
Matt Smith

Associate Director, OSP


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