Deliver 24 X 7 customer support on Live Chat
with Chatbots

Amp-up the power of a Live Chat with Chatbots to speed up responses and improve agent productivity — all within your inbox.

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Live Chat Hero

Enable Live Chat for real-time
customer support

Set up a Live Chat inbox within your email to engage your customers

Balance team workload

  • Set up missed chats alerts, live chat agents availability hours, assignment and deflection to other channel rules
  • Use chat templates to speed up responses, and prevent duplicate responses with collision alerts
Balance Team Workload

Improve customer experience

  • Generate and share chat transcripts to deliver contextual support
  • Send post-chat CSAT surveys to improve processes and offering
  • Leverage customer feedback to identify areas for improvement
Improve Customer Experience

Customize for your brand

  • Tweak live chat UI with your logo, brand style and color palette
  • Personalize the initial welcome message to match your brand’s tone
Customize for Your Brand

Deliver support on-the-go!

  • Deliver world-class support by managing queries on Hiver Chat’s Mobile App
  • Enable faster agent responses with push notifications for new and existing chats
Deliver Support On-the-go!
Balance Team WorkloadImprove Customer ExperienceCustomize for Your BrandDeliver Support On-the-go!

Unleash the full potential of Live Chat Support
with Hiver's Chatbot

Cut costs, speed up responses and improve team productivity.

For Admins
For Agents

24X7 Enhanced customer support

Round-the-clock availability immediate assistance and zero wait time.


Rule-based chat flow automation

Create chat flows to respond to repetitive queries with prompt chat messaging.


Reduce costs and agent workload

Handle increasing email query volume by automating responses for routine queries.


Deliver quality

Free up agent bandwidth to focus on high-value queries.


Handle growing support queries

Handle increasing volumes of repetitive customer queries with automated response with Chatbots.


Instant gratification for your customers

Acknowledge customer queries instantly and reduce first response time.


Easily handover complex queries to agents

Leverage seamless chatbot-to-agent handoff to contextually solve high value or escalated queries.

Our customers love us
for good reason

 hiver customer flexport hiver customer flexport
Hiver text quotes

With Hiver, I have much better visibility into the resolution path of issues. And we’ve stopped missing emails!

Nathan StrangOcean Freight Operations Managerhiver customer flexport
hiver customer flexport
 hiver customer oxford hiver customer oxford
Hiver text quotes

Hiver is a very friendly tool. It does away with the complexities of a ticketing system. Everything about it is so simple to use.

Christian SibayanManager - Field Operations and Systemshiver customer oxford
hiver customer oxford
 hiver customer oxford hiver customer oxford
Hiver text quotes

Hiver helps our team easily manage customer interactions, identify trends, and use data to celebrate progress.

Taylor GarceauProgram Manager, Customer Success, Cohere HealthCohere Health
Cohere Health
 hiver customer flexport hiver customer flexport
Hiver text quotes

Since we started using Hiver to manage customer queries, I’ve seen a huge uptick in the efficiency levels of our staff.

Jennifer NguyenOperations Associatehiver customer flexport
hiver customer flexport
 hiver customer flexport hiver customer flexport
Hiver text quotes

Hiver helps us have natural conversations with customers. It’s so much better than the ticketing model we had before.

Scott GellatlyGeneral Managerhiver customer flexport
hiver customer flexport
 hiver customer flexport hiver customer flexport
Hiver text quotes

I look at Hiver as a detail-oriented person who keeps everyone on the same page and ensures no information gets lost.

Bartek MarczakOperations Managerhiver customer flexport
hiver customer flexport
 hiver customer flexport hiver customer flexport
Hiver text quotes

Hiver is simple and no-fuss. We were able to hit the ground running from day 1, and the customer service is fantastic.

Luke ThompsonCo-ownerhiver customer flexport
hiver customer flexport


What is a live chat customer support?

Live chat customer support provides real-time assistance by enabling direct communication between businesses and customers on websites. Hiver offers an easy-to-set-up, real-time live chat that is integrated into email, streamlining the workflow by reducing the need to learn new software or juggle multiple tools, thus boosting efficiency and the quality of support.

What is the best free live chat?

The best free live chat should offer robust features and seamless integration to enhance customer support. Hiver is considered the best free live chat for customer support due to its ability to resolve customer queries through an easy-to-set-up live chat, ensuring real-time and hassle-free service.

How does Hiver's live chat with chatbots enhance agent productivity and customer support efficiency?

Hiver's live chat with chatbot for customer support boosts agent productivity by automating routine questions and sorting conversations for human attention, thereby allowing agents to concentrate on complex issues. This not only reduces wait time but also improves customer support efficiency by offering instant responses and personalized service when agents take over.

Can I use chatbot for customer support?

Yes, chatbots can be used for customer support to provide instant responses and 24x7 support. Hiver's chatbot for customer support streamlines the handling of common queries by offering accurate assistance based on predefined rules and triggers.

What is a rule-based chatbot for customer support?

A rule-based chatbot for customer support is a bot that responds to customer inquiries based on a set of predefined rules and scenarios. Hiver's rule-based chatbot enhances this by offering tailored 24x7 assistance, efficiently managing customer interactions with high-quality support.

How customizable is Hiver's live chat feature, and can it align with our brand identity?

Hiver's live chat for customer support is highly customizable, allowing you to align it with your brand identity by adding your company logo, adjusting the chat widget's color, and tweaking the welcome message. These options promote brand awareness and ensure a consistent brand experience for customers interacting with the chat.