Uncomplicate email management with
AI in customer service

Use Harvey - Hiver's AI bot to summarise emails, get email template suggestions, and auto-close conversations that don't need attention.

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AI Helps Support Agents
Get Things Done Faster

It’s 2024, here is what your peers are thinking about using AI in Customer Service.


expect AI to work
alongside humans


have seen the benefits of
AI in customer service


believe AI is quite accurate
in resolving queries


are concerned about AI's
autonomous decision-making

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Deliver Personalized Support
Without Missing SLAs

AI in customer support helps agents fastrack responses with effective context sharing,
auto-closing low-value requests, and suggesting email templates. Here’s how 👇

Summarize email with AI

  • Compress long emails into concise notes for seamless agent hand-offs, ensuring continuity and reducing lag
  • AI-generated summaries let agents contextually resolve conversations faster
  • Enable quick grasp of conversations for supervisors, aiding swift decision-making, tracking escalations, improving efficiency and response times
Summarize email with AISummarize email with AI
Auto-close emails with thank youAuto-close emails with thank you

Auto-close emails with thank you

  • Improve your team's efficiency by automatically closing conversations with 'thank you' responses
  • Reduce time and effort spent on manually closing conversations to prevent skewed metrics and enhance efficiency
  • Enable your agents to meet SLAs easily by training Harvey on incorrect conversations to accurately close conversations

Get intelligent email
template suggestions

  • Speed up query response time with intelligently recommended emails to send
  • Eliminate guesswork and leverage Harvey to identify the best template choice for a response
  • Customize templates suggested by Harvey to send tailor-made responses, ensuring personalized and effective customer support
Get intelligent email template suggestionsGet intelligent email template suggestions

customers love us for a good reason


Hiver’s AI Bot – Harvey helps us get rid of redundant emails, such as autoresponders. We’re now able to focus better on important customer queries. Our average query handling time has consequently improved by 30%.

Robert Zylc

President and CEO at Wheel Wiz