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finance teams use Hiver

Accounts receivable (AR)

Collaborate seamlessly with sales, legal, and account management teams to swiftly resolve customer queries and invoice terms. Initiate and track collections on outstanding receivables.

Accounts payable (AP)

Assign and track emails related to invoices, payments, and vendor onboarding. Set up approval flows and add invoices to your ERP from inside your Inbox.


Simplify and accelerate the book closing process. Collaborate with other teams across the company to get visibility into their budgets and cash flows.

Employee help desk

Address internal queries on reimbursements, taxes, travel, and payroll promptly to ensure high employee satisfaction. Keep employees up to date on changing policies and procedures.

Take charge of all your emails

  • Organize, assign, and track queries coming to payroll@, accounts-receivable@, or taxes@
  • Get visibility into who is handling which email, its status, and emails pending
Summarize email with AISummarize email with AI
Auto-close emails with thank youAuto-close emails with thank you

Simplify teamwork within your inbox

  • Add notes and @mention teammates right next to email threads
  • Draft responses, get approvals, and more without forwarding or CC’s

Overcome grunt work with automation workflows

  • Automatically add tags to help organize email queries
  • Auto-assign emails to the right team members based on their skills, keywords, or custom triggers
  • Set up automation workflows for email threads to get timely approvals and maintain approval logs
Get intelligent email template suggestionsGet intelligent email template suggestions
Auto-close emails with thank youAuto-close emails with thank you

Monitor team workload and performance

  • Oversee your team's performance and workload distribution
  • Generate custom reports and real-time consolidated dashboards
  • Setup SLAs and track resolution time

The most easy-to-setup, secure platform
for finance teams

SOC 2 Type II and
ISO 27001 certified

Hiver ensures data security and privacy as a SOC 2 Type II Compliant and ISO 27001 Certified solution.

Get started
in 3 hours

From signing up to setting up Hiver, your team can be up and running in a few hours.


Our team of dedicated onboarding specialists have got your back in setting up Hiver.


We’re there for you 24*7, across email ([email protected]) and live chat.

Hiver is best suited to manage
shared inboxes for finance teams

  • Jędrzej Dąbrowski

    I get visibility into the volume of emails, and the types of issues. I can now ensure that operational tasks are accomplished faster.

    Jędrzej Dąbrowski

    Junior Product Manager at Travelist
  • Fin Brown

    Our clients choose us over competitors due to our speed and quality of communication. We couldn’t have achieved this without Hiver.

    Fin Brown

    Project Manager, Get It Made
  • Christian Sibayan

    Hiver is a very friendly tool. It does away with the complexities of a ticketing system. Everything about it is so simple to use.

    Christian Sibayan

    Manager - Field Operations and Systems, Oxford Business Group
  • David Pinto

    I get visibility into the volume of emails, and the types of issues. I can now ensure that operational tasks are accomplished faster.

    David Pinto

    Business Development,
  • Luke Thompson

    Hiver is extremely easy to use. We hit the ground running right from day one. Also, their customer service is simply fantastic!

    Luke Thompson

    Co-owner, Visiting Angels - Wisconsin
  • Luke Thompson

    With Hiver, we no longer miss emails. I also have much better visibility into where an issue is on the resolution path.

    Nathan Strang

    Ocean Freight Operations Manager, Flexport

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My company already uses accounting or ERP software, so why do I still need Hiver? Drop Down

ERPs and accounting software help you handle daily financial transactions but cannot facilitate team communication and collaboration. Hiver integrates with your existing tech stack, enabling you to manage queries, requests, and crucial financial communications directly from Gmail. This eliminates the need to switch between apps and helps teams collaborate with the team right next to the email threads, reducing unnecessary forwards and CCs.

What impact will implementing Hiver have on our current workflows?Drop Down

Hiver seamlessly integrates with your existing tech stack and workflows, including accounting software like Xero, QuickBooks, and NetSuite; it also enables your team to drive visibility in your shared inbox to never miss an email. The implementation of Hiver is designed to be smooth and straightforward, integrating directly with your email platform without disrupting existing processes.

As an executive juggling multiple priorities, can optimizing email communication workflow help me save dollars?Drop Down

If you don't collect a dollar within a year, it's worth only 46 cents. Missing just one customer email can hurt your bottom line. Simplifying email communication workflows can save your team the time they'd spend sorting and tracking emails manually. With automation and better teamwork, your staff can focus on important tasks instead of grunt work. This boosts productivity and helps you cut costs on staffing.

I'm concerned about security.
Can I trust Hiver?Drop Down

Hiver is GDPR, ISO27001, SOC2 Type II, HIPAA, and CCPA compliant. We prioritize the security of your information above all else. Our platform has robust security features and undergoes regular audits to ensure compliance with the highest industry standards. You can trust that your data is safe with Hiver, allowing you to rest easy and focus on confidently driving your business forward.

Can Hiver improve email collaboration for
finance teams?Drop Down

Yes! Hiver lets you tag the relevant person, write a note, and collaborate right next to the email thread. Moreover, team members can work together to write email replies, and get approvals ensuring faster resolution time.

What solutions does Hiver offer for account payables management?Drop Down

Hiver streamlines account payables management by allowing you to track and assign vendor invoices and payment queries efficiently. You can set up automations, such as auto-assigning emails; and approval workflows, and collaborate on vendor emails effortlessly, enhancing vendor relationships through timely communications and payments.

How does Hiver facilitate account receivables
collaboration?Drop Down

With Hiver, you can easily track and handle all customer invoices to ensure timely communications and payment collections. Get approval on things like discounts, and special terms of sales before sending invoices to your customers. Loop in team members from sales, account management, and customer success using @mentions and notes or set up approval workflows.

How does Hiver enhance finance operations email management?Drop Down

Hiver enhances finance operations by providing tools for email automation and management. With Hiver, finance teams can efficiently organize, prioritize, collaborate, and manage all types of finance-related email queries directly from their inbox.

Hiver makes collaboration over
emails simple yet efficient!

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