Research Report


The Future of Customer Service in 2024

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Will AI replace or empower customer service agents?

We surveyed over 500 customer service experts in the US, to understand:

  • Level of investments in AI

  • Tangible benefits of using AI in support

  • Ethical concerns around AI

  • Accuracy of AI in resolving customer issues

  • Future of AI in customer service

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AI or Human Customer Service?
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How is AI truly shaping customer support?

44% of support experts say that
AI is quite accurate at
handling customer queries.

To understand AI's impact on customer support, we've gone straight to the source:
the professionals who use AI to interact with customers on a daily basis.

Here’s what we found:

Robo Face


expect AI to work
alongside humans


have seen the benefits of
AI in customer support


believe AI is quite accurate
in resolving queries


are concerned about AI's
autonomous decision-making

Human Face
Human Face

Straight from the Experts


Human first or digital/AI makes it nice to discuss and debate, but keep in mind what customers really want: fast and frictionless answers to their questions and issues.

Shep Hyken

Customer Service/CX Expert and
New York Times Bestselling Author

Customers of Hiver

There is potential in AI to analyze data and provide personalized solutions. The power of AI is to deliver engaging and efficient interactions that extend your capabilities.

Flavio Martins

Customer Service and Customer
Experience Expert

Customers of Hiver
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