Manage Shared Inboxes from Gmail

Collaborate on a Shared Inbox like Support@ or Sales@, right from your Gmail

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Supported Browsers : Chrome, Safari

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You don't need a complex, difficult tool to manage a Shared Inbox

Use your Gmail to efficiently access, delegate and track Shared Inbox emails.

Manage emails as tickets

Manage emails as tickets

Assign an email received in a shared inbox as a task to anyone in your team. Keep track effortlessly.

Email Notes

Use email notes to communicate internally. No more CCs, Fwds and BCCs to mess up your inbox.

Email Notes
Collison Alerts

Collison Alerts

Know when someone else is responding to a Shared Inbox email. Avoid duplicate and conflicting responses.

Email Templates

Save an email template, and share with your team. Reuse with just 2 clicks and save time.

Email Templates

All the power under the hood to help you

Automate & Analyze

Built for Gmail and G Suite

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Hiver is designed for Gmail and G Suite. Discover the best way for teams to manage their email.