Enhance CX with a user-friendly
self-service Customer Portal

Enable your customers to submit their issues and track its resolution status - all from
a dedicated customer portal for your shared inbox.

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10,000+ teams trust Hiver to deliver delightful support from the comfort of their inbox

Simplify query submission and tracking

  • Create forms with custom fields to ensure your team has all the necessary information to investigate customer issues
  • Enhance query tracking for your customers by providing detailed information such as creation date, assigned person, and status updates for every issue raised

Make the portal
uniquely yours

  • Customize the portal with your brand's logo and colors for an easy brand recall
  • Create and individually manage customer portals, each with a custom URL tailored to specific shared inboxes

Help your customers help themselves


What is the Customer Portal and how does it simplify issue tracking?

The Customer Portal is a self-service platform provided by Hiver that allows customers to submit and track their issues effortlessly. It simplifies issue monitoring by providing a central place to submit tickets, view their status, and track progress without contacting support directly.

What are the benefits of using the customer portal?

There are two key benefits of using the customer portal - Convenience for clients: Clients can submit tickets and track their progress 24/7 without relying on phone calls or emails. Centralized Communication: All communication regarding a support ticket stays within the portal, ensuring a clear and organized history.

How can the Customer Portal reduce the workload of my team?

By enabling customers to submit inquiries through custom forms and track their status independently, the Customer Portal significantly reduces the need for direct interaction with your team. This self-service capability lets your team focus on more complex tasks while basic inquiries and status updates are handled automatically.

Can I customize the Customer Portal to match my brand?

Yes, the Customer Portal can be fully customized with your logo, brand colors, and even a custom URL to ensure it seamlessly integrates with your brand's identity. This customization creates a consistent and professional experience for your clients.