Scale Your IT Business
with a Collaborative SaaS Help Desk

Resolve all your email queries using a single SaaS help desk, especially built for IT companies to improve customer satisfaction, loyalty, and business growth.


Enhance collaboration, communication and support
within Gmail for key stakeholders!

Customers & Clients

  • Manage all types of queries including general, technical and finance across multiple channels such as email, whatsapp, live chat and voice
  • Distribute workload among team members based on rules, shift timings, or skills to improve response quality

Prospective Customers

  • Enhance collaboration with the right stakeholders across departments to provide up-to-date product, service and pricing information to prospects
  • Manage and resolve various customer queries across multiple channels such as email, whatsapp, live chat and voice

Vendors & Suppliers

  • Facilitate seamless collaboration among internal teams and suppliers/vendors
  • Manage contracts, orders, delivery schedules, disputes. billing queries and much more efficiently with suppliers/vendors

Partners & Collaborators

  • Manage communications with multiple partners ensuring long-term opportunities are never missed
  • Facilitate multi-channel support and internal collaboration on multiple complex partner queries to improve response quality
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Improve CX to Retain Your Customers

  • Categorize, prioritize, and assign emails to team members to manage support escalation better
  • Collaboratively brainstorm and resolve customer issues faster
  • Automate repetitive tasks to free up your team’s bandwidth to focus on high-value tasks
  • Track and maintain SLAs and customer satisfaction efficiently with our SaaS help desk

Maintain Vendor and
Supplier Relationships

  • Streamline order coordination and delivery schedules with vendors and suppliers
  • Foster seamless collaboration across departments for quick resolution of invoice and payment queries
  • Easily organize and retrieve contracts, negotiation terms, and licenses within your inbox in just a few clicks
  • Seamlessly integrate our SaaS help desk software with various ITSM tools to resolve technical issues efficiently

Enhance Prospect Engagement

  • Equip your team to efficiently track and address prospect queries to never miss a revenue growth opportunity
  • Collaborate and manage asset curation requests to exchange marketing information with prospects to win deals
  • Auto-assign prospect emails to the appropriate team members to never keep your prospects waiting
  • Unify prospect conversation across email, voice, WhatsApp, and live chats

Strengthen Your Partner Alliance

  • Categorize, prioritize, and monitor partner emails efficiently to capture every long-term opportunity
  • Collaborate with key stakeholders to foster partnerships that align with your business objectives
  • Unify partner communication and support across email, voice, WhatsApp, and live chats

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FAQs: Hiver for IT Software and Service Businesses

What makes Hiver unique as a SaaS help desk solution?

Hiver is an email-based help desk solution that helps you manage customer, prospect, vendor, and partner queries efficiently. It emphasizes simplifying team collaboration, delivering a unified inbox experience for multi-channel support, and providing 24/7 highly rated customer, vendor and partner support.

How does Hiver enhance team collaboration in customer support?

Hiver facilitates team collaboration by allowing members to easily share and manage emails, automate repetitive tasks, and use @mentions for internal communications, ensuring no customer query goes unanswered.

Can Hiver handle multi-channel customer support?

Yes, Hiver supports managing email, live chat, and voice channel support directly from email, making it a versatile SaaS ticketing system for handling various customer communication channels.

What are Hiver's main features for improving customer support efficiency?

Hiver offers features such as collaboration tools, multi-channel support, automation, reporting, and integrations with popular tools like Slack, WhatsApp, and Salesforce to help companies manage their IT software and service business.

How does Hiver ensure high customer satisfaction?

Through its easy-to-use interface, enhanced collaboration, automation of repetitive tasks, SLA management, and robust analytics, Hiver enables teams to offer timely and effective support, enhancing customer satisfaction.

What cost savings does Hiver offer?

As compared to other helpdesks, Hiver provides savings between 35% to 50% by offering flexible pricing plans without hidden or extra training costs, focusing on essential features needed by teams.

How does Hiver integrate with other tools?

Hiver integrates seamlessly with various third-party apps, allowing teams to work efficiently without switching between multiple platforms, enhancing productivity and customer service quality.

What is the significance of a knowledge base in a SaaS ticketing system?

A knowledge base empowers customers to find answers independently, reducing the volume of incoming support requests and enhancing customer satisfaction.

What are the essential features of an IT help desk tool?

Key features include multichannel support, ticketing system, knowledge base, automation, analytics and reporting, integration capabilities, and cost-effective pricing to address customer support challenges.

How can SaaS help desk software improve customer support?

SaaS help desk software streamlines communication, organizes inquiries through an efficient ticketing system, offers 24/7 support with a knowledge base, personalized customer interactions, and enhances team performance with analytics.

How can businesses select the right SaaS help desk solution?

Consider factors like the scale of operations, specific needs, budget, desired features like automation and integration capabilities, and the ability to offer multichannel support to ensure the SaaS help desk solution aligns with business goals and customer support strategies.

How does live chat functionality enhance SaaS help desk software?

Live chat offers real-time support to users, improving engagement, resolving issues faster, and providing a personalized support experience.