Make email management efficient with Hiver’s Salesforce Integration

Assign conversations accurately based on Salesforce CRM data and save the time and effort spent in manual email delegation. Auto-assign conversations to the right agent using Salesforce data inside Gmail.

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Create automation rules with
Salesforce conditions

Salesforce is a leading cloud-based CRM platform used by support, sales, marketing, and IT teams worldwide. With features such as contact management, workflow creation, task management, customer engagement tools, analytics and more, it helps businesses to connect better with customers and potential customers.

Hiver’s Salesforce integration lets you auto-assign conversations accurately from a particular customer to the right agent based on the Salesforce customer data. It ensures that supervisors don’t need to intervene time and again to re-delegate any incorrectly assigned email.


Maintain accountability,
maximize productivity

  • Automate email assignment based on Salesforce CRM data
  • One-time configuration to enable auto-assignment
Easy to setupEasy to setup

Easy to set up

You can easily enable the Hiver-Salesforce integration in a few steps. All you need to get started is a registered Salesforce account.

You can log into Salesforce from inside Hiver using your credentials and set up automation rules to enable your CRM data-based email assignment.

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No more asking around for status.

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