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A help desk that runs in your inbox

  • Respond to emails and live chat from inbox. Set up chatbots to answer repetitive queries
  • Assist customers via WhatsApp and voice support. Leverage knowledge base as a self-service channel
  • Turn your inbox into a customer service software that your teams will intuitively use from day 1
Summarize email with AISummarize email with AI
Auto-close emails with thank youAuto-close emails with thank you

Never miss a customer email

  • Categorize, prioritize, and assign customer queries to support agents with a few clicks
  • Collaborate on email responses within your team seamlessly, without CCs and forwards
  • Get a 360-degree view of who is working on what, and the status of each query

Automate the mundane to achieve more

  • Automate routine tasks, like auto-assigning emails as tasks, to free up your team's bandwidth from grunt work
  • Auto-close non-actionable conversations reopened by 'Thank you' messages with AI
  • Send accurate responses on time with AI-suggested email templates
Get intelligent email template suggestionsGet intelligent email template suggestions
Auto-close emails with thank youAuto-close emails with thank you

Manage CSAT and SLA in real-time

  • Track and measure key customer service metrics in real-time with visual reports
  • Measure customer satisfaction with brief surveys at the end of email conversations
  • Set issue resolution deadlines, monitor SLA breaches, and set business hours for your teams

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What makes Hiver a superior solution for customer service teams compared to traditional email management systems? Drop Down

Hiver is a customer service software that can seamlessly integrate with other tools, enabling customer service teams to manage, track, collaborate and respond to customer queries seamlessly, unlike traditional systems that may lack real-time collaboration and integration.

How does Hiver enhance email collaboration for customer service?Drop Down

Hiver being an email management software for customer service has collaboration features such as shared drafts, internal notes, and @mentions that foster teamwork and transparency, ensuring every team member can collaborate on customer emails without leaving their inbox.

Can Hiver's Shared Inbox for customer service improve response times?Drop Down

Absolutely. Hiver provides rule-based automations that automate mundane and repetitive tasks such as auto-assigning emails to agents. Moreover, it has several collaboration features such as shared drafts, notes,and @mentions that significantly reduce response times and fast-track query resolution.

What are Hiver's key features for managing high email volumes in customer service?Drop Down

Hiver as a customer service management software efficiently handles a high volume of emails by turning them into actionable tasks with assigned owners. Its features like shared inboxes, labels, views, and tags help teams organize and track emails with clear visibility into the status of the email requests.

What is customer service software?Drop Down

Customer service software is a tool that helps businesses manage, organize, and respond to customer service requests efficiently. Hiver is an email-based multi-channel help desk that helps you streamline email management and strengthen team collaboration to enhance CX, driving retention and loyalty.

Does Hiver provide analytics and reporting tools for customer service performance tracking?Drop Down

Yes, Hiver provides analytics to track and measure key customer service metrics such as response time, response rate, and resolution time. Moreover, you can create custom reports and dynamic dashboards to track your team and business performance.

How does Hiver ensure the privacy and security of customer service communications?Drop Down

Hiver is GDPR, ISO27001, SOC2 Type II, HIPAA and CCPA compliant with leading security policies and frameworks including SAS70 level II, SSAE 16, and SOC framework. All of these make Hiver the safest customer service ticketing software.

Can Hiver's customer service software be scaled for businesses of all sizes?Drop Down

Since Hiver works on top of your email platform, it is easily scalable and flexible, making it suitable for businesses of all sizes, from small startups to large enterprises.

What support options does Hiver offer to its customer service solution users?Drop Down

Hiver as a customer service software helps customer service teams to provide multi-channel support through a dedicated help centre, 24x7 live chat, voice, WhatsApp, and email, ensuring that users can get help whenever they need it.

Why is customer service so important?Drop Down

Customer service is critical because it helps in keeping customers happy and loyal, which is imperative for business growth. Hiver turns your inbox into a multi-channel help desk allowing you to respond to customer queries more quickly and effectively, improving the customer experience and loyalty.

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