Use Gmail to run
Multi-Channel Help Desk

Hiver strengthens team collaboration and business communication across email, live chat, chatbot, knowledge base, and voice communication within Gmail.

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Manage all communication channels from Gmail

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10,000+ teams globally use Hiver

Top Three Reasons Our Customers Love Hiver


Simplify Team Collaboration
and Eliminate Duplicate Work


Unified Inbox Experience to
Deliver Multi-channel Support


24X7 Highly Rated Customer
Support by Hiver Humans

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Simplify team work to deliver world-class support

Bring all communication channels, inside Gmail

  • icon Manage email, live chat, and voice channel support from Gmail's left panel.
  • icon Build internal and external knowledge bases to drive self-service and deflect queries.

Work together as a team.

  • icon Collaborate on business queries with anyone across your organization.
  • icon Simply @mention your colleague and write them a note, which sits right next to the email thread.

Focus on what matters. Leave the rest to us.

  • icon Automate repetitive tasks with conditional rules. Help your team save time and effort.
  • icon For instance, all queries on product bugs can be auto-assigned to a technical expert.

Track. Analyze. Improve.

  • icon Improve team performance by analyzing in-depth reports and key metrics.
  • icon Identify bottlenecks in processes that need fixing. Spot high performers and ones who need coaching.

Bring all your work into Gmail.

  • icon Integrate with popular tools such as Slack, WhatsApp, Aircall, Asana, Salesforce, and more.
  • icon Turn Gmail into one holistic platform to manage tasks, projects, and multiple customer support channels.

Modern Teams Run Help Desks on Gmail

Hiver helps businesses improve efficiency, transparency, and productivity in their email communication and team collaboration.

Hiver vs other helpdesks

Hiver vs other help desks

Start in less than an hour

No need to learn an alien interface. Hiver is extremely intuitive to set up and use.

Generative AI capabilities

Because Hiver works on top of Gmail, you can leverage all its AI capabilities in your day-to-day operations.

24/7 support for everyone

Hiver offers white-glove onboarding, and 24/7 support on all plans, unlike most help desks.

Save between 35% and 50%

Only pay for the features that you need. No hidden costs, no extra costs for training or support.

Improve your team's
efficiency by 80% with Hiver

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