Never miss a travel inquiry
or customer request

Assign, track, and collaborate on queries from customers, vendors, and partners with Hiver.


Use Gmail to provide seamless
experience for all your stakeholders


  • Respond to commonly asked inquiries from travelers effectively using pre-written Templates
  • Access traveler profiles and conversation history to offer personalized service, like recognizing repeat customers or addressing preferences

Hotels and Accommodations

  • Assign, track, and collaborate on inquiries from various channels like phone, WhatsApp, email and live chat seamlessly in Gmail
  • Automate routine tasks, such as sending booking confirmations or requesting guest feedback after check-out

Travel Agencies

  • Use an activity panel for each customer request and track progress till closure
  • Use notes and @mentions to collaborate with tour operations team to send high quality responses

Airlines and Transportation Services

  • Efficiently handle booking, flight, and transportation inquiries with Hiver's centralized inbox and automation
  • Hiver's Analytics empowers Airlines to take informed decisions to improve passenger experience

Improve customer loyalty and
drive repeat business with Hiver.

We are now responsible for a lot more than we thought we could. I have visibility on the volume of emails, the types of issues that we’re getting. I can now ensure that the operational tasks are accomplished in a timely manner. Hiver helps my team grow faster.

David PintoBusiness Development,
First Response Time by
Avg. Resolution Time by
Work-hours Saved

Communicate With Travelers On Their Preferred Channel

  • Connect with your guests/travelers on email, phone, live chat, and WhatsApp, within Gmail
  • Turn inquiries into actionable tasks. Delegate them amongst your team to ensure every interaction is personalized
  • Track the status of all requests across channels and gain full insight into your team’s workload

Collaborate With Hotel Owners, Agents And Teams

  • Use Notes in Hiver to collaborate on deals and inquiries by @Mentioning colleagues/supervisors for clarifications and approvals
  • Coordinate with vendors directly within Gmail on timely replenishment of amenities, food, and beverages
  • Manage special requests by fostering real-time cross-functional collaboration across various teams - kitchen, lodging, reception, and more

Embrace Automation To Improve Team Productivity

  • Route incoming queries to the right person, without manual intervention. For example, auto-assign queries with phrases like 'request a discount' to John in Sales
  • Create and share templates with your team to fastrack responses to common traveler queries like check-in/check-out times, amenities and more
  • Auto-tag emails to sort and categorize traveler communications based on their nature, be it room upgrade requests, event bookings, or feedback

Use Analytics To Improve Traveler Experience

  • Forecast trends and streamline operations with Hiver’s robust analytics. Track key metrics such as first response time, average resolution time, and more
  • Gauge workload, evaluate and improve team performance through consolidated data dashboards
  • View comprehensive reports on service level agreement (SLA) adherence. Be instantly alerted if a high-priority guest request or complaint isn't addressed promptly

Provide Exceptional Traveler
Experience Straight from Gmail

Resolve traveler queries 80% faster with Hiver. Transform
Gmail into your hospitality hub.
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