Don’t let any student or staff query slip through!

Centralize all queries your institute receives. Assign, track, and collaborate on them within your inbox to provide timely support.


Turn your inbox into a help desk.
Ensure every query gets a timely response.


  • Address frequent student questions with pre-written templates
  • Ensure consistent communication on topics like enrollment, course selection, facilities, and more


  • Organize academic timetables, assign faculty duties, and update course progress directly through your email
  • Maintain clear and up-to-date communication with teaching staff

Administrative Staff

  • Use Notes and @mentions to seamlessly collaborate across academic and administrative departments
  • Avoid the lengthy process of forwarding or Ccing emails

Academic Sponsors

  • Send out timely updates to sponsors
  • Collaborate seamlessly on fundraising campaigns and sponsorship inquiries from your inbox

Streamline communication and improve
internal collaboration within your inbox

We used to receive complaints from sponsors, faculty members, administrators, and others, asking why employees (who were on leave) don't respond to emails. Ever since we started using Hiver, I rarely get any complaints.

Matt Smith,Deputy Director, OSP / Senior Director, Operations, DRED, (Boise State University)
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efficiency by
Monthly Work-hours

Streamline queries across every channel

  • Answer every student and parent query via email, phone, live chat, and whatsApp - without learning any new software
  • Transform queries into actionable tasks. Distribute them among your team to ensure no query is missed
  • Track the status of queries across channels to ensure every query is answered on time

Improve collaboration among departments, faculty and staff

  • Leverage Hiver's notes to coordinate with faculty and staff on inquiries and academic programs
  • Having a query not relevant to your department? Swiftly loop in the relevant department by simply @mentioning the stakeholder. No need for Ccs or forwards
  • Collaborate efficiently with external partners and suppliers directly within email. This ensures smooth operation of school facilities and events

Harness the power of automation to improve productivity

  • Automatically route queries to the right department. For example, queries with phrase “fees structure” can be routed to the Finance team
  • Create and utilize custom templates to quickly respond to FAQs on admission processes, course scheduling, or campus facilities
  • Sort school communications through “auto-tagging”. For Example, Emails mentioning “Exhibition’ can be auto-tagged as “Extracurricular activities”

Transform data into knowledge with real-time insights

  • Monitor response time to queries in order to ensure timely and effective communication
  • Analyze workload, nature of queries and satisfaction levels. Identify trends and improvement areas
  • Monitor adherence to project guidelines and deadlines. Get instant notifications for unanswered student questions or delayed priority tasks

Cater to every academic query straight from your inbox

Resolve academic queries 80% faster with Hiver. Transform
your email into a personalized Help desk.
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