Research Report

Detailed Study of Customer Support

How are customer needs changing today? What are their expectations from customer support teams?

Hiver surveyed 1200+ consumers in the US to arrive at detailed insights on their preferences, likes and dislikes.

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72% of customers leave after
a negative experience

Delivering great customer support is critical for long-term business growth. Yet, consumers are made to wait for long hours for a resolution, transferred between multiple agents, or offered extremely vague answers.

Doing this has a critical business implication - your customers leave.

This report sheds light on the latest customer pain points and how you can overcome them.

The research report dives into
Support channels that customers use to interact with companies
What annoys and frustrates customers the most
How efficient customer support teams are at query resolution
Critical factors that drive customer trust and loyalty


of customers feel getting support via email is highly time-consuming
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