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Customer Service Benchmark Report

Discover the latest trends and benchmarks in customer service processes, performance and quality. We surveyed 500+ US-based customer service professionals to find out how their teams handle requests – how quickly they respond, what channels they use, what KPIs they track to measure their support quality and more!
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About the Report
Most modern-day companies believe and understand that providing great customer service is crucial to their long-term success. Yet, many still struggle to consistently deliver memorable customer experiences. With our latest benchmark report, our aim is to help companies reflect on what’s great about their customer service, what aspects they need to improve on, and how they compare with other customer service teams in terms of support quality and performance.
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The research report dives into
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The hours and channels where companies are available to serve their customers
The latest benchmarks for response and resolution times
The metrics companies use to measure their support quality
The methods companies use to monitor customer feedback
of companies offer support outside of traditional business hours
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