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Forwarding and Cc-ing emails only lead to more clutter. Hiver's Email Notes simplify collaboration. Simply @mention team members to get help on queries and have contextual discussions.

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Collaborate seamlessly (with context)

  • Notes are present alongside email threads, to help teams save time and effort in sharing the context of conversations.
  • Notes are always private. Hence, no internal conversation gets shared with stakeholders outside your team.

Instantly notify teammates

  • Use @Mentions in Email Notes to notify one or more team members when you need their inputs.
  • Team members receive real-time notifications of their @Mentions
  • Want to notify your entire team? Just write a Note mentioning @All

How different teams use Notes and @mentions

If a support staff needs help in resolving a customer query, they can simply @mention their manager or colleague and write a note. The tagged person gets notified instantly and can respond to the note. It's that simple!

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Customer Support

Use Notes to collaborate with your team on invoices, pending customer payments, and more. Loop in colleagues from other departments to get information on budgets and expenses.

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Your IT support staff can loop in their colleagues for tech-related assistance using Notes. This ensures employee tickets related to software bugs, connectivity, and security are answered accurately and on time.

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Find Notes easily

  • Search for Email Notes right from the Gmail search bar
  • To view a past discussion with your team, simply type in the relevant keywords associated with a Note(s) in the Gmail search bar.

Pin important Notes

  • Manage email notes efficiently
  • Prominently display any Note in an email conversation by clicking the ‘Pin icon’ on the Note.

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We use ‘Notes’ all day long to keep each other informed. When someone tags me on an email, I can see and quickly address it without cluttering my inbox.

Matt Smith
Matt Smith

Associate Director, OSP


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