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Instant collaboration within Gmail

Collaborate with teams, minus the email clutter

Support teams rely on Cc/Forwards or external collaboration tools to communicate with other teams regarding some emails. The resulting back and forth can delay responses. Notes help teams collaborate better and resolve emails faster, without leaving Gmail.

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Collaborate with context

  • Notes are present alongside emails, to help teams save time and effort in building context
  • Notes are always private, so no internal team conversation will go to users outside the shared mailbox

Instantly notify teammates

  • Use @Mentions in Email Notes to instantly notify one or more teammates when you need their inputs
  • Team members receive real-time notifications of their @Mentions
  • Want to notify your entire team? Simply write a Note mentioning @All

Find Notes easily

  • Search for Email Notes right from the Gmail search bar
  • To view a past discussion with your team, simply type in the relevant Notes’ keywords into the Gmail search bar

Pin it

  • Manage Email Notes efficiently
  • Keep any Note in an email conversation at the top of the Notes timeline by clicking the Pin icon on the Note

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We use ‘Notes’ all day long to keep each other informed. When someone tags me on an email, I can see and quickly address it without cluttering my inbox.

Matt Smith
Matt Smith

Associate Director, OSP


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