Loop in teammates to craft helpful responses

Create drafts of email responses and share them with your team in real-time. Collaborate on these drafts without using Ccs or forwards.

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Draft emails together with a single click

  • Invite teammates to create email drafts together with just a single click
  • Simply start composing an email draft in Gmail and hit the Share Draft button

Cut out the chaos from collaboration

  • Hiver does not allow more than one user to edit a shared draft at any given point in time
  • Users also see notifications when a member is editing a shared draft

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Hiver is a very friendly tool. As it sits inside Gmail, it doesn't give you an alien feel. It does away with the complexities of a ticketing system. Everything about it is so simple.

Christian Sibayan
Christian Sibayan

Manager - Field Operations and Systems


Loved by 8000+ teams on Google Workspace

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