Write better emails, together

Easily share and discuss email drafts without multiple replies and forwards

While communicating with your customers, your emails need to look good. Because when your emails look good, your business looks good. There’s more to looks than just consistent fonts, logos and color schemes — the content that you write. You need to have a consistent voice and tone so that you can better connect with your customers.

With shared drafts in Hiver, you can easily manage discussions around emails without multiple replies and forwards or external collaboration tools.

Create shared drafts and collaborate with your team in real-time

Collaborate with context

Avoid unnecessary back and forth and streamline internal team communication by collaborating with your teammates over email drafts in real-time.

Alert your teammates with notifications

When you have a customer waiting on you for a response, time is of the essence. Use notifications to alert your teammates about shared drafts that need their attention.

Avoid duplicate responses

Hiver does not allow more than one user to edit a shared draft at any given point in time, preventing the chaos caused by multiple users editing an email.

Create as many shared drafts as you need

With Hiver, there are no limits on the number of shared drafts that you can create and share with your team. So go on ahead, use shared drafts and write better emails.

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Email Notes

Communicate internally minus the Forwards / CC / BCC

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Hiver is straight forward and intuitive to set up. For any company using shared mailboxes, this is an amazing solution. With Hiver, we were able to get up and running in less than a week, saving our company both time and money.

Darrell Ten,

IT Procurement Lead at Flexport

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