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10,000+ teams use Hiver to simplify email management

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Never miss an email with Hiver

Delegate emails as tasks automatically

  • Assign/Re-assign emails to the right team member based on skill or round-robin method
  • Track the status of all emails and efficiently manage your team's workload

Collaborate without forwards and CCs

  • Create and share email templates and drafts for prompt query resolution
  • Loop in your colleagues with notes and @mentions. Prevent duplicate responses with collision alerts

Adhere to SLAs and prioritize emails before it's too late

  • Create SLA policies within your inbox to ensure timely responses to queries
  • Monitor emails close to a SLA breach with custom SLA policy violation reminders

Say goodbye to the old way of
managing emails

Hiver is your better alternative to uncomplicate email management.

Email task assignmentManualManual and automated
Change email statusLimitedFull access
Email task visibilityLimitedCustomised view
Internal discussions
Preventing duplicate replies
Customer satisfaction surveys
SLA & business hours
AI and automation for inbox

Here’s what your inbox superpowers will look like

Email Templates

Create and save responses as email templates and share them with your team to deliver faster and consistent responses.

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Notes and @mentions

Leave detailed notes for team members to handoff queries effectively, without having to forward emails.

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Conversation Followers

Managers and supervisors can follow email threads of interest to get notified of progress made on queries and escalations.

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AI Summarizer

Turn lengthy emails into brief notes, boosting agent handoffs and quick issue resolution.

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Shared Labels

Categorize your shared inbox or selectively share emails within your team.

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Resolve internal and external queries by easily collaborating with teams across your organization.

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Create a combination of filters to bucket email conversations and save them for quick access.

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Email Tags

Categorize business communication based on type or priority using Email Tags, for faster access.

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Selectively share emails with cross functional teams through private and public permalinks.

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Our customers love us for good reason

  • Jędrzej Dąbrowski

    I get visibility into the volume of emails, and the types of issues. I can now ensure that operational tasks are accomplished faster.

    Jędrzej Dąbrowski

    Junior Product Manager at Travelist
  • Fin Brown

    Our clients choose us over competitors due to our speed and quality of communication. We couldn’t have achieved this without Hiver.

    Fin Brown

    Project Manager, Get It Made
  • Christian Sibayan

    Hiver is a very friendly tool. It does away with the complexities of a ticketing system. Everything about it is so simple to use.

    Christian Sibayan

    Manager - Field Operations and Systems, Oxford Business Group
  • David Pinto

    I get visibility into the volume of emails, and the types of issues. I can now ensure that operational tasks are accomplished faster.

    David Pinto

    Business Development,
  • Luke Thompson

    Hiver is extremely easy to use. We hit the ground running right from day one. Also, their customer service is simply fantastic!

    Luke Thompson

    Co-owner, Visiting Angels - Wisconsin
  • Luke Thompson

    With Hiver, we no longer miss emails. I also have much better visibility into where an issue is on the resolution path.

    Nathan Strang

    Ocean Freight Operations Manager, Flexport


What is a shared email mailbox?

A shared inbox is a centralized inbox that is typically used when multiple users need to access and work on the same set of emails. For example, teams like customer support, or account management would use a shared inbox as people outside the company typically reach out to them with questions.

How do I turn my email into a shared mailbox?

Turning your email into a shared mailbox involves configuring your email settings to allow multiple users to access and manage the mailbox. Hiver, with its advanced shared inbox capabilities, enables teams to seamlessly convert their inbox into shared inbox, fostering better collaboration and efficiency in handling customer queries.

Why use a shared inbox?

A shared inbox enhances team collaboration and efficiency by centralizing email communication, making it easier to manage customer queries, assign tasks, and ensure no email goes unanswered. Hiver offers a shared inbox with features like email delegation, collision detection, and analytics, significantly improving team productivity and customer satisfaction in a seamless and integrated manner.

What are the 4 D's of email management?

The 4 D's of email management are Delete, Do, Delegate, and Defer. Hiver can enhance this process by efficiently organizing emails into categories, allowing for quicker delegation and follow-ups, thus streamlining communication and task management.

How do you effectively manage emails?

Effective email management involves organizing your inbox, prioritizing important messages, and using tools to automate repetitive tasks. Hiver enhances this process by offering shared inboxes, email delegation, and automation features, making team collaboration and customer support seamless and efficient.

What is the best way to organize your email?

The best way to organize your email is by using filters, labels, and folders to categorize messages based on subject, sender, or priority. Hiver offers tags, labels, notes, and @mentions to streamline collaboration and improve team response times.