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Agent collision occurs when two or more agents are working on the same email in a shared inbox. Collision alerts in Hiver prevent two people from replying to the same email (and potentially sending conflicting replies).

With collision alerts, never step on someone

else’s toes again

Avoid duplicated work

If you are using a shared inbox, it is quite common for a user to start replying to an email without knowing that another user is already working on it. It ends up with customers receiving more than one response to their email. Hiver’s collision alerts automatically disable the option to edit an email draft when another user is working on it.

Get complete visibility

Hiver provides visual cues to help you easily detect email collision. When a user starts replying to an email that you are working on, Hiver shows you a floating notification with the name of the user working on the draft.

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Hiver Shared Inbox Collision Alerts Customers Virginia Trowbridge Reali

Hiver required minimal training or workflow changes as it integrated nicely with Gmail. The other solutions we tried required a different system to log into, and a complete mind shift in the way the team used email. With Hiver, we were able to sign up and get going in no time.

Virginia Trowbridge,

Pulse Manager at Reali

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