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Get exciting rewards by simply referring Hiver to friends and other businesses. Let us show you some love and thank you for spreading the Hiver buzz. hiver bee

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Hiver Referral Program

As a member of Hiver’s referral program, you’ll earn exclusive gifts and swag for helping spread the buzz about Hiver.

referral program

What’s in it for me?

You earn rewards worth $350 for every qualified referral you send our way. :)

referral program

How it Works


Sign Up and Share

Sign up and share your unique referral URL with your friends and other companies.


We qualify your lead

Our team qualifies your referral to make sure they can benefit with Hiver.


You Earn Rewards

Once they sign up or have a call with Hiver, you get rewarded with up to $350!


Earn Bonus Rewards

Submit more referrals to reach milestones and earn exclusive bonus rewards!


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Earn on every referral

Rewards up to $350 for every qualified lead referred. A $100 for every qualified referral and an additional $250 when they convert to a Hiver customer.

reward 2

Milestone bonus:
3 Qualified Referrals

Treat yourself with some light reading. Go easy on the eyes with the All-new Kindle.hiver bee

reward 3

Milestone bonus:
5 Qualified Referrals

Sit back and relax, your evening is on us.hiver bee

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Milestone bonus:
10 Qualified Referrals

Thanks for spreading the buzz about Hiver! Now let’s try sharing it on your new iPhone. hiver bee


I don’t remember life before Hiver when it comes to managing our front desk shared inbox. We’ve been using Hiver ever since the studio was operational. It’s been a very long time.

Pamela Brown

Co-Founder, Align Brooklyn

Align Brooklyn

Hiver helps us have natural conversations with customers. It’s so much better than the “here’s your ticket number—stand in line” model we had before.

Scott Gellatly

General Manager, itGenius


Join the Hiver Referral Program and Start Earning Today!


What is a qualified referral lead for Hiver? Drop Down

A Referral that is on google workspace, takes a demo of Hiver, and meets the BANT (Budget, Authority, Need, Timeline) criteria for Hiver, will be considered a Qualified Referral.

How do I qualify for the rewards? Drop Down

For every referral that is qualified by the Hiver team, you earn a reward. No hassles. :)

How will I receive rewards? Drop Down

You don’t need to move a muscle once you share the Hiver love with others. A reward will be automatically triggered once your referral is qualified by the Hiver team.

How long will it take for my rewards to arrive? Drop Down

You will receive your reward within 2 days of your referring a qualified lead.

Where can I see the status of my reward? Drop Down

You can track the status of your rewards on the Referral Program page.

How do I earn bonus rewards? Drop Down

We want to reward you for helping us, so we track the number of referrals you share and reward you for every milestone you achieve with the Hiver referral program.

Read the Terms and conditions Drop Down

Please click here to see the Terms & Conditions of the Referral program

Where can I see the status of my referrals? Drop Down

You can track the number of referrals you brought to Hiver and their status on the Referral Program page.

How do I share my referral link? Drop Down

As soon as you sign up for the Referral Program, a unique referral link is generated which you can share with your friends and other companies to help them discover and benefit from Hiver.

What happens when I reach the milestone of 10 referrals? Drop Down

The clock resets at 10 referrals. You earn an iPhone every time your reach the milestone of 10 referrals. You can earn multiple bonus rewards each time you go through the journey.

Is there a limit on the amount or number of rewards I can earn? Drop Down

No. There is no limit to the number of referrals you can send our way, so there is no cap or limit on the number of bonuses and rewards you can earn. :)

What does my Referral have to do with the link they receive? Drop Down

Your referral can click on your referral link and directly access Hiver.

Can I refer people within my organization? Drop Down

Yes. While referring members within your team is not considered a qualified referral, helping Hiver spread the word to other teams within your organization, such as finance, sales, etc., will be considered.
E.g.- You work in the support team and you help your finance or sales team onboard Hiver.

Read the Terms and conditions Drop Down

Please click here to see the Terms & Conditions of the Referral program