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Everything you need to run your Customer Support,
Sales and Projects from Gmail.

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Shared Mailboxes

Manage a shared email account like support@ or sales@ from your Gmail. Delegate emails, and keep track of tasks.

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Helpdesk SLA

Exceed customer expectations every single time. SLAs ensure you never drop the ball on a support query. Set the right expectations for your team.

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Collision Alerts

Get alerted when someone is responding to an email. Avoid duplicate and conflicting responses.

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Email Notes

Communicate internally using Email Notes with @mentions. No more confusing CCs, Fwds and BCCs.

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@ Mentions

Use @mentions in email notes to rope in your team-mates when needed.

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Auto Response

Set up your Shared Mailboxes to automatically send responses when a new email is received.

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Group emails by filter combinations and save them for quick access.

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Activity Timeline

Get a full history of all actions taken on an email. Learn when it was marked open or closed, and see what your team talked about.

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Email Templates

Save canned responses as email templates. Embed into responses easily, and share with your team.

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Shared Drafts

Collaborate on your email responses by sharing email drafts. Write a response, have a colleague review and send.

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Get deep insights into how your team is doing on responding to and resolving your customer and sales queries.

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Automate key actions like automatically assigning emails based on rules, or closing and archiving emails.

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Business Hours

Define Business Hours when your team services shared mailboxes, and track SLAs only during that time period.

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Customer Surveys

Add a short survey at the end of Shared Inbox emails to measure customer satisfaction.

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Integrate your Shared Mailboxes and Gmail labels with other tools you use.

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Browser Notifications

Get notified about new tasks and @mentions your team writes for you.

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Multiple Shared Mailboxes

Manage multiple Shared Mailboxes like support@, sales@, jobs@ and info@ - all from your Gmail account.

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Roles and Permissions

Create user roles based on your team structure. Establish who does what and define permissions for every team member.