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Enable automated, conditional assignments

  • Accelerate email responses with email auto-assignments to select team members using conditional triggers
  • For example, emails containing the word ‘Payment’ in the subject line or email body can be auto-assigned to finance specialists

Manage team workload with skill-based and round-robin assignments New

  • Evenly distribute conversations amongst team members based on their skills or availability to ensure prompt responses
  • Set an 'assignment limit' to avoid overloading your team members

Organize your inbox to drive email visibility New

  • Use triggers and filters to automatically add and remove tags to incoming conversations
  • Use labels to selectively share conversations with select team members

Reduce inbox clutter by closing unimportant emails

  • Set the status of junk emails to 'Closed' based on predefined conditions. Mark auto-generated emails as ‘closed’ automatically
  • For instance, change status to ‘close’ for emails that contain "do not reply" in the subject line

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Automations in Hiver helped free up an employee’s entire workday and actually got them to focus on more important tasks. With Hiver, I was effectively able to get back an employee into my team.

Christina O'Connor
Christina O'Connor

Manager, Finance


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What is automation in email? Drop Down

Automation in email refers to automating various email-related tasks, improving efficiency and productivity. Hiver offers this capability by automating workflows with rule-based smart automation and enabling collaborative team efforts for better customer service and internal communication.

How do I plan an email automation?Drop Down

To plan email automation, start by identifying repetitive email tasks, segmenting your tasks, and setting clear goals. Hiver enhances this process with its top-notch automation features, allowing for efficient workload management and productivity improvements by automating these tasks directly within your email platform.

What is email automation software?Drop Down

Email automation software enables businesses to automate repetitive email tasks, improving productivity and workload management. Hiver offers this with automated and conditional assignments, skill-based auto-assignment, auto-closing unimportant emails, and round-robin assignments.

Is there a way to automate emails?Drop Down

Yes, automating emails is possible and can significantly improve productivity by managing repetitive tasks more efficiently. Hiver is capable of automating emails by offering seamless integration with email platforms, enabling users to automate workflows, assign tasks, and track progress within their inboxes.