Resolve patient and
vendor inquiries faster, within Gmail

Simplify collaboration and communication to manage patient billing, medical reports, appointments, and claims across multiple channels - email, live chat and phone.


Simplify healthcare operations within
Gmail for key stakeholders!

Patients and Caregivers

  • Access conversation history across channels to respond to patient queries with context
  • Equitably distribute workload based on shifts and assign queries to skilled team members to improve response quality

Insurance Companies

  • Strengthen inter-department collaboration - eliminating Ccs and forwards - to expedite claims processing
  • Seamlessly collaborate with external parties to reduce billing issues, and settle bills faster

Vendors and Suppliers

  • Facilitate seamless collaboration among internal teams and medical suppliers/vendors
  • Manage orders, delivery schedules, billing queries through Gmail using tags and notes

Healthcare Regulatory Bodies

  • Confidentially manage legal matters and ensure compliance with healthcare laws and regulations
  • Equip compliance officers and healthcare administrators with powerful collaboration features
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Hiver seamlessly enables help desk
management within Gmail

Hiver has provided our team with the tools we need to manage our customer interactions, identify trends, and use data to celebrate our team's progress and achievements. Hiver's onboarding, account management and technical team members have gone above and beyond to customize their solution to best meet our needs. As a customer facing team, we very much appreciate their excellent customer service!

Taylor GarceauProgram Manager, Customer Success, Cohere Health
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Work-hours Saved

Keep Patient Data

  • Secure Email Collaboration: Protect patient data with robust encryption protocols, ensuring all patient data remains confidential and compliant
  • Hiver offers healthcare organizations a Business Associate Agreement (BAA),sharing the responsibility of protecting PHI and adhering to HIPAA guidelines
  • Audit Trails: Maintain comprehensive logs of team activities, ensuring transparency and traceability

Deliver An Enhanced
Patient Experience

  • Respond to patients on-time by automatically assigning queries to the right healthcare staff based on skills or shift-hours
  • Maintain confidentiality of patient records, by using shared Gmail labels to selectively share email conversations
  • Monitor and improve average response time and patient satisfaction scores (CSAT)
  • Allow patients to reach you via their preferred channel - email, live chat, or phone

Enable effortless collaboration between internal teams, medical suppliers and insurers

  • Strengthen inter-department collaboration using notes and approval workflows. No CC’ing or forwarding emails required
  • Track orders, manage delivery schedules, respond to pricing and billing queries in real-time using tags and notes
  • Respond faster to insurance companies for patient claims and reimbursements using email templates and Collaborators

Use Hiver to unify
communications with Patients

Manage communications across channels such as email,
call, chat, and whatsapp right inside Gmail
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