Automate email assignment
Reduce time spent on email assignment and engage faster with customers
For teams that handle a high volume of emails, manually assigning emails could lead to
emails slipping through the cracks.
With Auto Assignment in Hiver, you can automatically assign emails to your team in a
Round-Robin manner. This ensures that there are no more missed emails, faster
responses, and improved team efficiency.

Smart email assignment that helps your team

stay focussed

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Never miss an email again
With Auto Assignment, emails automatically get assigned to owners the minute they hit your shared inbox. This ensures that you save time and effort by not having to manually assign emails to individual owners.
Allow users to control their availability
Overburdened employees in customer-facing roles can be the bane of any company. Give your team the flexibility to control their availability so that they can control when they are available for email assignment.
Freedom from cluttered inboxes
You may have certain team members who need to be permanently excluded from automatic email assignment. With Hiver, account admins can easily exclude them from automated email assignments.

More Features

Email tags for shared inboxes

Organizing emails becomes a breeze with Hiver's Email Tags.

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Email templates for shared inboxes

Send blazing fast responses with Email templates that you can use from your ‘compose’ window.

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Hiver Shared Inbox Auto Assign Customers Virginia Trowbridge Reali

Hiver required minimal training or workflow changes as it integrated nicely with Gmail. The other solutions we tried required a different system to log into, and a complete mind shift in the way the team used email. With Hiver, we were able to sign up and get going in no time.

Virginia Trowbridge,

Pulse Manager at Reali

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