Real-time shared inbox and email collaboration data, now at your fingertips

With Hiver’s shared inbox analytics, you can get clear insights into how your team has been engaging via email, identify areas of improvement, and fix them.

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Build your reports as you like them

Your reporting needs are diverse. With Hiver’s analytics, you can now view multiple types of reports with a single click, just hit Analyze and instantly deep dive into each of them for crystal clear insights and monitor your team’s performance to make data-driven decisions.

Measure what matters
with Conversation Reports

Hiver’s Conversation Reports put the power in your hands to see how your team has been managing conversations with your customers. You can use these reports to analyze how many conversations have taken place, how quickly your team is responding to emails, and the average time taken by your team to resolve an issue.

Identify star performers
with User Reports

Hiver’s User Reports help track every aspect of individual team member performance including their overall workload, response and resolution times and Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) ratings among others. This helps you understand who your top performers are and what’s working for them.

Track customer happiness
with CSAT Reports

Craft better experiences for your customers by collecting feedback via Customer Satisfaction Surveys (CSAT). With Hiver’s CSAT Reports, see all of your CSAT feedback in your customers’ own words — in real-time. You can even track and compare individual team member’s performance to see what is working well, what isn’t and train your team accordingly.

Dive deeper with Email
Tag Reports

Email Tags in Hiver help you organize your emails by category. With Tag Reports in Hiver, you can dive deeper and analyze your email conversations by category. Get a clearer picture of your most common categories of issues, analyze response and resolution times by email tag, and compare CSAT ratings for each tag, all with a single click.

Take your reports with you
wherever you go

Export data from Hiver’s reports into CSV files and take your data wherever you go. You can share these CSV reports with other members in your organization or even upload these files into a business intelligence tool of your choice for further number crunching.