Get data-driven insights to improve team performance and CX

Oversee your team's performance, identify bottlenecks, and pinpoint improvement areas through in-depth analysis. Generate custom reports and real-time consolidated dashboards.

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10,000+ teams track key metrics to improve
team performance with Hiver

Get actionable insights at your fingertips

Easily track and analyze conversations, users, tags, and CSAT metrics for informed decision-making.

Custom reports for
tailored analysis

Dive beyond standard reporting with custom reports to get the desired context faster. Gain deep insights into team performance to spot high and low performers.

Scheduled reports for
strategic decisions

Schedule leadership reports for a systematic review of the team and overall business achievements. Optimize strategic planning with insights from weekly, monthly, or annual performance reports.

Dynamic dashboards for
real-time insights

Consolidate metrics into a dynamic dashboard across shared inboxes and team members. Customize dashboards to monitor real-time metrics and modify as your team's needs evolve.

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Make data-driven decisions with consolidated dashboards

  • Evaluate and improve your team’s performance across shared inboxes.
  • Provide business insights by setting up dashboards for senior leaders.

Easily identify potential areas of improvement

  • Ensure on-time customer support by proactively monitoring SLAs.
  • Analyze team workload and productivity to distribute tasks evenly.
  • Improve customer satisfaction by tracking CSAT scores at team and individual level.


Can I track SLA violations with Hiver?Drop Down

Absolutely. Hiver provides detailed SLA compliance and violation reports for each email conversation. This feature allows for in-depth analysis using filters like SLA policy, first response time (FRT) violation time, and resolution time (RT) violation time, helping you maintain high levels of service quality.

How does Hiver enhance team performance and customer experience?Drop Down

Hiver is a customer service solution designed to streamline email management for teams. It offers data-driven insights, allowing teams to monitor performance, identify bottlenecks, and uncover areas for improvement. By leveraging in-depth analytics and generating custom reports, Hiver helps teams optimize their workflows and enhance customer satisfaction.

What actionable insights can I gain with Hiver's reporting and analytics features?Drop Down

Hiver's analytics give you the power to track and analyze key metrics such as conversations, user activities, tags, and customer satisfaction (CSAT). This data-driven approach facilitates informed decision-making, helping you optimize team performance and customer experience.

Does Hiver allow for the creation of custom reports?Drop Down

Yes, Hiver enables the customization of reports to suit specific business needs, offering users a flexible and insightful way to analyze data. Its robust reporting capabilities allow for the creation of tailored reports, ensuring relevant data analysis and decision-making support.

How can I efficiently measure and monitor customer feedback with Hiver?Drop Down

Hiver offers real-time Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) reports, providing a detailed overview of customer feedback on emails. With these visual reports, you can easily track and compare team members' performance, making it simpler to implement targeted training and improve service outcomes.

What are dynamic dashboards and how do they support decision-making? Drop Down

Dynamic dashboards provide real-time, interactive data visualizations that help users monitor performance, trends, and insights, enabling informed decision-making. Hiver enhances this with its advanced analytics capabilities, offering tailored, live data feeds for more precise, data-driven choices.