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Setting Up a Shared Mailbox

You should already have an email id that you want to set up as a Shared Mailbox. This email id can be of one of these two types: Gmail or G Suite account (ie, you can actually login to Gmail using ...

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Managing Emails in your Shared Mailbox

The Shared Mailbox will be visible on the left Gmail pane of all the users Managing emails When any new email reaches the Shared Mailbox it appears in the ' Unassigned ' section of the Shared Mailb...

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Automations for Shared Mailbox

You can automatically assign emails to a user and change status of emails in Shared Mailboxes by using the Hiver Automation feature You can setup Automation Rules which will work on all the emails ...

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Using Gmail Shared Labels

Shared Gmail Labels help you collaborate with your teammates by sharing email conversations with them If you share a Gmail Label called “New Lead” with your team mates when whenever you add that la...

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