No one likes waiting in a queue

Use Hiver’s Knowledge Base feature to create help articles.
Empower customers to self-serve. Assist reps in deflecting repetitive queries.

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Handle customers with ease using knowledge base
Handle customers with ease using knowledge baseHandle customers with ease using knowledge base

Provide world-class support with a unified multi-channel platform built for scale

With Hiver’s Knowledge Base you can easily build, host, and monitor a centralized library of help articles - answers to frequently asked questions, instructions, and guides - that your customers and reps can refer to anytime.

Combine that with our Gmail-based helpdesk, Live chat app, and multiple integrations to create and scale your very own multi-channel customer service platform, from the comfort of Gmail!

Build help articles with Hiver's Knowledge BaseBuild help articles with Hiver's Knowledge Baseelement

Hiver's Knowledge Base is incredibly
easy to set up and use

Easily manage knowledge base users to create or update help articles. Hiver also enables you to organize articles under defined categories.

Control the look and feel of the knowledge base and host it on your website for a seamless customer experience.

Setup your own knowledge base site with a custom domain. Enhance user experience by easily adding 3rd-party apps like a chat widget.

What you’ll love
about Hiver’s
Knowledge Base

  • Custom domain

    Set up a custom domain (like to maintain a consistent brand experience for your visitors.

  • SSL certification

    Promote trust by protecting visitors and their data from any bad actors while they’re using the knowledge base.

  • Code snippets

    Continuously improve the use of the knowledge base by implementing 3rd-party apps like chat widgets or website analytics.

  • Search Engine Optimization

    Help customers effortlessly discover your knowledge base and its articles in search engine results.

  • Ticket submission

    In case of missing or unclear answers, your customers can create support tickets directly from inside the knowledge base.

  • Search bar

    Enable customers to easily navigate to a category or article(s) through the search bar which is by default embedded in the knowledge base.

What does Hiver's Knowledge Base
help you achieve


For your customers

Empower customers to find answers to their queries 24/7 and at their own pace, with the DIY service enabled by knowledge base.


For your reps

Offer faster resolutions by pointing customers to support articles. The knowledge base can also be used to onboard and train new staff.


For your business

Reduce volume of support queries. Enhance customer satisfaction and improve discoverability of your FAQs on search engines.

Go truly multi-channel with Hiver’s
customer service solution

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