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Driving Logistics Forward

Streamline communications to ensure delightful experiences for your customers, suppliers and partners!


An email-based help desk to
communicate and collaborate easily

Customers & Clients

  • Efficiently resolve customer queries, order processing, and support issues
  • Enhance customer satisfaction through precise tracking and categorization of interactions

Vendors & Suppliers

  • Prioritize order and delivery-related emails to improve supplier relations
  • Streamline vendor/supplier payable and receivable tasks

Partners & Collaborators

  • Seamlessly track shipments and manage transportation schedules
  • Filter messages by owner, tag, or view audit trail for any contracts or service terms

Legal & Regulatory Bodies

  • Fast-track responses to customs and regulatory authorities, and provide compliance documents for audits on time
  • Monitor customs clearance, duty and tax inquiries, and regulatory notifications efficiently

Internal Departments

  • Foster cross-departmental communication and collaboration
  • Simplify information sharing and task coordination for organizational efficiency
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Time is money in logistics.
Elevate Profitability with Hiver.

With Hiver, I have much better visibility into where an issue is on the resolution path. And we've stopped missing emails. It is essentially like having an additional person on my team.I would say trying to achieve this level of team coordination without Hiver would take 50-100% more time.

Nathan StrangOcean Freight Operations Manager, Flexport
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Work-hours Saved

Provide Exceptional Support

  • Offer specialized attention to inquiries, from shipment tracking to logistics, without team overload, prioritizing every client, suppliers and partners
  • Auto-assign incoming emails to the suitable and skilled agent for faster responses
  • Provide prompt and specialized attention to various inquiries to enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty

Improve Visibility & Accountability

  • Easily track emails and team’s accountability for timely responses
  • Get understanding of the status of shipments, quote requests, or carrier inquiries at a glance for your shared inbox
  • Stay informed about unresolved inquiries. Categorize by assignees or tags to review replies sent, internal dialogues and track team performance

Enhance Team Collaboration & Productivity

  • Facilitate seamless collaboration for order quotes, requests, and queries with internal and external stakeholders
  • Provide real-time tracking, customizable templates, and dynamic filters specifically designed for logistics needs
  • Define clear agent responsibilities, reduce operational friction, and enhance productivity across communication channels

Automate Workflows and Speed Up Responses

  • Automate responses with pre-written templates for repetitive queries and reduce average response time
  • Organize emails based on tags, labels to help agents concentrate on urgent tasks and inquiries
  • Utilize SLA notifications and automated routing to ensure high-priority messages receive prompt attention

Stay Ahead with Real-time Insights

  • Gain real-time insights into team performance and operational efficiency
  • Monitor response times, analyze workload distribution, and track stakeholder satisfaction
  • Receive detailed reports on SLA compliance, violation alerts, and scale team impact efficiently without additional hiring

One Inbox, Complete
Control of Your Logistics

Process all order requests 80% faster with Hiver.
Make Gmail your Help Desk.
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