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Work together as a team
without cluttering your inbox

Get alignment from teams across your organization to act on queries
collaboratively and fast-track responses without starting another thread.

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Join 10,000+ teams that trust Hiver to collaborate effectively

Here's how it works


Invite an external co-worker (or “Collaborator”) by @mentioning them in Hiver Notes.


They join a ‘Collaboration Space’ through a private link that they receive via email.


The Collaborator can respond using Notes but gets ‘read-only’ access to the email conversation.

Contextually resolve customer queries

  • Use notes, @mentions, and conversation history to get alignment from your team members on queries
  • Selectively share email threads with team members with shared labels and permalinks
Summarize email with AISummarize email with AI
Auto-close emails with thank youAuto-close emails with thank you

Eliminate team silos and response collisions

  • Implement escalation and approval workflows to fast-track query resolution
  • Alert your team members of collisions on queries, and never send duplicate responses

Cross-functional collaboration made easy

  • Set up approval workflows across your organization alongside queries to easily share context
  • Use permalinks to share select queries with cross-functional teams to get approvals or insights for faster resolution
Get intelligent email template suggestionsGet intelligent email template suggestions

Get the collaboration edge to
improve team productivity

Email Notes

Communicate with your team seamlessly, minus Cc/Bcc/forwards.

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Shared Drafts

Collaborate on your email responses in real-time by sharing drafts.

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Collision Alerts

Get alerted when someone is responding to an email. Avoid duplicate responses.

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Email Templates

Turn frequently sent replies into templates and respond to emails faster.

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Shared Labels

Organize emails in your inbox with shared labels to selectively share them with your team.

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Analyze your team's workload and task to find ways to automate the mundane.

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Collaborators for different teams

Enable cross-department collaboration for accurate and timely resolution of customer issues. Add relevant colleagues as 'collaborators' to address unique queries, e.g., rope in developers for technical assistance.

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Customer Support

Get prompt  resolutions on pricing queries and get real-time updates on financial projects by collaborating with other teams. E.g., involving the Procurement team for supplier insights and cost-saving opportunities.

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Collaborate on troubleshooting, provide real-time updates on IT-related projects, and share knowledge and resources with other teams. E.g., team up with HR to train employees on a new onboarding software.

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What is a collaborative inbox? Drop Down

A collaborative inbox is a shared email platform that allows team members to manage and respond to emails together, enhancing efficiency and coordination. Hiver offers seamless collaboration features with real-time updates and assignment features, tailored for teams looking to streamline their email management process.

What is the difference between a collaborative inbox and a delegated inbox?Drop Down

A collaborative inbox allows multiple users to access, manage, and reply to emails, promoting teamwork and efficiency. Whereas delegated inbox is accessible and available for a single user. Hiver provides a collaborative inbox enabling real-time collaboration, email assignment, and tracking, optimizing team productivity in managing shared email tasks.

How can @mentions and notes improve team collaboration?Drop Down

@Mentions and notes enable team members to communicate directly within email threads, providing contextual discussions that stay private and visible only to the team. This eliminates the clutter of forwarding and CC-ing, ensuring that conversations remain focused, efficient, and relevant to the task at hand.

How do collision alerts prevent duplicate responses?Drop Down

Collision alerts are a feature in collaborative inboxes that notify team members in real-time when someone is already working on responding to a particular email. This prevents multiple users from simultaneously working on the same query and potentially sending conflicting replies, thereby enhancing the efficiency and coherence of team communications.

What are the key features of Hiver's collaborative
inbox?Drop Down

Hiver's collaborative inbox offers several key features to boost team productivity, including email assignment tasks, shared drafts, collision alerts, email automation, analytics, SLA management, email tags, customer surveys, email templates, workload distribution, and more. These features facilitate seamless collaboration and efficient email management for teams.

How does Hiver ensure secure collaboration?Drop Down

Hiver ensures secure collaboration through features like private and public permalinks for sharing emails, control over shared email access to keep sensitive information secure, and role-based permissions. These measures help maintain the integrity of your communications and protect your organization's sensitive data.