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Save and share responses as templates, with your team. Access these templates in a few clicks, and use them to respond to repetitive business queries.

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Create email
templates easily

  • Hiver’s email templates are fully integrated within Gmail
  • Use our WYSIWYG editor to create, save and add email templates to folders
  • View the saved templates library with a single click in Gmail’s “Compose” window

Personalize on-the-fly

  • Use Hiver’s auto-fill variables to effortlessly personalize email templates
  • Auto-fill variables pick data from Gmail’s ‘To’ and ‘From’ address fields whenever you write emails
  • Auto-fill variables also come with fallback options in case no data is available

Save time and respond accurately with attachments

  • Directly attach images, videos, PDFs, and documents into your email templates
  • Avoid errors and ensure the right attachment is always sent
  • Eliminate repetitive manual attachments for increased efficiency

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Hiver’s email templates are really wonderful. We use them in our fulfillment process which saves us time, and reduces the likelihood of error.

Joshua Fialkoff
Joshua Fialkoff

COO at Specialty Box & Packaging Co.


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