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Add "Collaborators" to help with customer and employee interactions

Leverage the expertise of colleagues who are not part of your Hiver shared mailbox or account.

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How does it work?


Invite an external co-worker (or “Collaborator”) by @mentioning them in Hiver Notes.


They join a ‘Collaboration Space’ through a private link that they receive via email.


The Collaborator can respond using Notes but gets ‘read-only’ access to the email conversation.

Collaborators for Different Teams

Enable cross-department collaboration for accurate and timely resolution of customer issues. Add relevant colleagues as 'collaborators' to address unique queries, e.g., rope in developers for technical assistance.

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Customer Support

Get prompt  resolutions on pricing queries and get real-time updates on financial projects by collaborating with other teams. E.g., involving the Procurement team for supplier insights and cost-saving opportunities.

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Collaborate on troubleshooting, provide real-time updates on IT-related projects, and share knowledge and resources with other teams. E.g., team up with HR to train employees on a new onboarding software.

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Clear Context. Foolproof. Secure.


All Information in one place

No switching tabs or apps. Transfer context seamlessly by providing shared access to emails, attachments, and Hiver Notes (internal messaging).


Foolproof by design

Since “Collaborators” get read-only access to emails, you can easily avoid faux pas like accidental replies or email forwards.


Clear communication

Directly reach out to the relevant stakeholder – irrespective of what department they belong to. Hence, information and sentiment are not miscommunicated or diluted when trying to explain a situation.


Information security

Permalinks created for sharing email conversations with “Collaborators” are not accessible by individuals outside your organization.

Inspire a culture of

“Effortless organization
wide collaboration”

It can be a hassle to communicate on multiple apps when there are silos between departments. But if you use Collaborators, you can avoid that headache. For instance, if you have a query from a customer that requires help from the sales team, you can ask them by directly looping in the relevant sales rep. This saves time and makes it easier to get things done without having to jump through hoops.

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Hiver can simplify the way your team
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