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Add ‘Collaborators’ to help with customer interactions

Leverage the expertise of colleagues who are not part of your Hiver shared mailbox or account.

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How does it work?


Invite an external co-worker (or “Collaborator”) by @mentioning them in Hiver Notes.


They join a ‘Collaboration Space’ through a private link that is automatically emailed to them.


The Collaborator now has ‘read-only’ access to the email conversation. They can reply back using Notes.

Clear context. Foolproof. Secure.


Information at one place

No switching to another communication channel. Provide context seamlessly through access to customer emails, attachments, and Hiver Notes.


Foolproof by design

Since Collaborators get read-only access to emails, you can easily avoid faux-pas like accidental replies or email forwards.


Clear communication

Information and sentiment are not miscommunicated or diluted when trying to explain a situation to external team members.


Information security

Permalinks created for sharing email conversations with Collaborators are not accessible by individuals outside your organization.

Inspire a culture of

“Customer support
is everyone’s responsibility”

With Collaborators, your co-workers can indirectly see the impact of their replies in helping solve customer queries. Moreover, through such collaboration they will also get a deeper understanding of who your customers are and what challenges they are trying to solve.

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