Optimize your team’s workload with ease

With Workload Distribution, you can analyze how conversations are distributed within your team at a single glance. Redistribute conversations easily to ensure optimal distribution of your team’s workload, faster responses, and a happier, stress-free customer service team.

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Improve workload planning for your business

As a business owner or a team manager, one of the most critical parts of your job is to balance the workload for your team in a fair manner. The Workload Distribution feature in Hiver lets you do exactly that, without you having to hover over your team’s shoulders as they tick off conversations from their email lists.

Visualize team workload in real time

Simply click on the Workload Distribution button inside Gmail to get a real-time view of all open and unresolved conversations in your shared mailbox. Visualize workload better by sorting unresolved conversations in ascending or descending order, and use the search function to see conversations per team member.

Allocate workload better with drill-down views

Get a drill-down view of the conversations being handled by your team. Click on a team member’s name and see which conversations have been assigned to them. Use the dropdown menus to sort conversations further and reassign them with a few clicks.

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