Use your Inbox to run a
multi-channel help desk

Simplify and scale customer support by bringing conversations from all channels such as emails, chats, voice calls and Whatsapp, in one place — your inbox.


Join 10,000+ teams that support customers across multiple channels with Hiver


Get the benefits of a multi-channel help desk.
Without the complexities of a ticketing system.

Ditch the fear of missed customer emails

  • Organize and track emails within your inbox using conversation IDs, tags, and labels
  • Loop in your team in conversations with notes and @mentions ensuring timely and accurate responses
  • Save time by auto-assigning emails and use canned responses for repetitive queries
Stop missing emailsStop missing emails
Instantly gratify customers seeking chat supportInstantly gratify customers seeking chat support

Instantly gratify customers seeking chat support

  • Respond to customer queries in real-time from your inbox
  • Set up chatbots to deliver support 24X7
  • Resolve repetitive queries with chatbots and boost agent productivity

Make and receive phone calls from your inbox

  • Offer end-to-end voice support with Hiver + Aircall integration
  • Manage voice-based workflows centrally without switching between apps
  • Log every phone conversation to effectively track queries and train teams
Make and receive phone callsMake and receive phone calls
Deflect repetitive queries to your help centerDeflect repetitive queries to your help center

Deflect repetitive queries to your help center

  • Enable your customers to resolve queries on their own by setting up a knowledge base
  • Ensure brand consistency and build visitor trust by creating a customer SSL-secured domain (like

Deliver support on WhatsApp from your inbox

  • Assign, track and collaborate on customers queries coming via WhatsApp
  • Write contextual and personalized messages by accessing conversation history in one-click
Deliver support on WhatsApp within your inboxDeliver support on WhatsApp within your inbox

Hiver is the best multi-channel customer service software


Hiver works within your inbox's intuitive interface. Get started from day 1.


Hiver also offers features like automation, analytics, CSAT surveys and SLA monitoring.


Hiver is GDPR, ISO27001, SOC2 Type II, HIPAA and CCPA compliant.

24/7 support
on all plans

Get white-glove onboarding, and 24/7 support on all plans, unlike most other help desks.

Our customers love us for good reason

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What is customer service software?

Customer service software is crucial for enhancing your support team's efficiency and customer service quality. It makes assigning and tracking customer requests simple, fosters better team and cross-functional collaboration, streamlines workflows, automates repeatable tasks, and improves support performance.

What is the difference between multichannel and omni-channel support?

Multi-channel support involves interacting with customers through multiple platforms individually, while omni-channel support provides an integrated customer experience across all channels. You can choose the channels that you deliver support through, depending on your customer’s preferred channels of communication.

What Features Should Your Customer Service Software Have?

Today, customer service software has become an integral part of almost every company’s tech stack. With thousands of options in the market, you want to make sure that you invest in software that best meets your business requirements. However, choosing

What is the main purpose of offering multi-channel service options?

The main purpose of offering multi-channel service options is to enhance customer experience by providing them with various platforms to reach out, ensuring convenience and choice. Hiver addresses this purpose by bringing multiple communication channels into your inbox to enhance your team's responsiveness and productivity.

What is multi-channel customer service support?

Multi-channel customer service support refers to the provision of customer assistance through various communication channels. Hiver offers a multi-channel helpdesk across various channels such as Emails, Chats, Voice, Knowledge Base, and WhatsApp. This ensures efficient and organized customer service interactions.

How does a multi-channel help desk enhance customer support?

A multi-channel help desk centralizes customer queries from various platforms into one dashboard, streamlining support responses and improving satisfaction. Hiver enhances this by enabling seamless collaboration and ensuring no query goes unanswered, leveraging its powerful multi-channel support capabilities for efficiency.

What are the benefits of a multi-channel helpdesk?

A multi-channel helpdesk streamlines customer service across various platforms with enhanced customer service, increased accessibility, and improved response times. By streamlining support through various channels businesses can address customer concerns coming from any channel. With Hiver, you can set up and scale your multi-channel support that works from your email inbox.

What does it mean to provide multiple channels for customer service?

Providing multiple channels for customer service means enabling customers to reach out through various platforms like email, social media, and chat, ensuring their queries are addressed efficiently. Hiver enhances this by aggregating customer interactions from various channels into a single inbox, streamlining response times and improving overall service quality.