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Track conversations quicker with unique IDs

Identify any required conversation readily with Hiver Conversation IDs instead of searching for it among other conversation threads. Don’t let high email volumes hold you back.

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How does it work?


A unique ID gets automatically assigned to every new email. Subsequent emails in a thread get mapped to the same ID.


Share the conversation ID, manually or through auto-responders, with the email sender.


Share the conversation ID with colleagues for easier collaboration on ongoing conversations.


Locate any conversation thread faster using its unique conversation ID.

Say hello to organized collaboration


Enhanced email

Organize conversations better with unique IDs created for each conversation based on its creation date.



Share conversation IDs with customers or colleagues for better context into past communication and faster resolution.


Advanced email
search & tracking

Search for conversations faster using their respective IDs without getting lost in a sea of emails.

Hiver is built for smooth collaboration and communication
for Google Workspace users

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