Share Gmail labels
across teams for
easier collaboration

Organize your projects, customers, and vendors by creating and
sharing Gmail labels and sub-labels.
Prioritize and manage tasks quicker within Gmail with Shared Labels.

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File emails and categorize them methodically

  • Create and share labels for customers, vendors, or projects with colleagues
  • Use sub-labels to view, prioritize, and organize projects in detail and manage team tasks easily
  • For example, a business can label their client’s emails as Legal, Finance, Support, etc. to manage emails efficiently

Share labels with colleagues for smooth collaboration

  • Set up rules to add emails containing specific keywords to a shared label
    For example, Automatically add emails with ‘reimbursement’ in their subject line to ‘Finance’ shared label
  • Sync emails added to shared labels in real-time to team member’s inbox
    For example, Sam can create a ‘client’ label and share it with David and Joe who work with the same ‘client’.
  • Add notes and @mention your colleagues for context sharing
  • Add or remove colleagues from a shared label based on the project requirements

Share confidential projects with select colleagues

  • Restrict email access to select team members collaborating on confidential projects
  • Create labels for confidential projects and share them with select colleagues
  • For example, Acme - a law firm, can keep their cases confidential by only sharing relevant labels with the assigned team of lawyers

Prioritize and manage projects
with new or existing shared labels

Categorize your shared inbox or selectively share emails within your team. Share important customer emails, in real-time, with the colleagues involved in the respective customer’s project, using shared labels and sub-labels.

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Customer Support

Get prompt  resolutions on pricing queries and get real-time updates on financial projects by collaborating with other teams. E.g., involving the Procurement team for supplier insights and cost-saving opportunities.

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Collaborate on troubleshooting, provide real-time updates on IT-related projects, and share knowledge and resources with other teams. E.g., team up with HR to train employees on a new onboarding software.

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