Organize emails better

Enhance your customer service workflow

Categorize and prioritize emails easily by adding tags based on the type or priority of emails. Augment your team's ability to find relevant conversations quicker, prioritize and respond to them, and deliver a great customer experience.

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Create and
customize Tags

  • Create email tags with a single click
  • Customize and color code tags for better visualization
  • Share tags created by you with your team

Automate email tagging

  • Create and enable rule-based automations to add tags to emails
  • Set up rules to tag emails that don’t require any action

Work more
efficiently with Tags

  • Add / remove multiple Tags from an email conversation with a single click
  • Filter email conversations by Tags

Get in-depth insights
with tag reports

  • Track key metrics for all emails with a specific tag
    e.g. Total Number of Conversations, Average First Response Time, Average Time Taken to Close
  • Measure your team’s performance and identify key areas of improvement

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We use Hiver’s Tags to highlight issues that are likely to occur again - and share them with the team. That way, it’s easier for us to revisit past instances.

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Matt Smith

Associate Director, OSP


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