Create and share email tags with your team

Hiver Shared Inbox Email Tags How to create tag

Streamline team communication

Eliminate CCing/BCCing/forwarding emails for streamlining team communication. Use email tags to quickly and easily organize your team’s emails.

Create as many tags as you need

If you’re juggling multiple projects or need a way to efficiently identify and prioritize a fast-growing customer base, Hiver lets you create and customize as many tags as you need.

Hiver Shared Inbox Email Tags Bulk Actions

Automate email tags with rules

Use automations that add tags based on the conditions you set. For example, have every email that comes from tagged as ‘Priority’.

Perform bulk actions

Save time by selecting multiple emails and apply a tag in one go.

Hiver Shared Inbox Email Tags list UI

Sort and find emails

Sometimes it may be difficult to find emails simply because of the large volume of incoming emails. With Hiver, you can sort and find emails on the basis of email tags.

Get in-depth insights

Track key metrics such as the total number of conversations by tags, average first response times, and the average time taken to close. Measure your team’s performance and identify key areas of improvement.