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Empower agents to know customers better with Hiver Contacts. For each customer conversation Hiver offers rich customer context, so you can craft tailored responses.

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Rich customer context, at your fingertips

  • View customer information in the "Contact" tab inside Hiver's right-side panel
    View customer name, company and their recent conversations
  • Gain better understanding of your customers before responding to them
  • Call out critical customer information for your team’s reference, by simply adding a Note

Gather insights for delivering personalized support

  • Gain in-depth insights into customer issues and CSAT ratings, based on recent conversations
  • Gauge customer sentiment proactively to contextualize your responses
    For any recent conversation, you can view its subject, status, assignee, CSAT score and other shared mailboxes it is part of
  • Delight customers with more humane support
Customer ContactsCustomer Contacts

All customer contacts and company information, in one place


Quick, anytime access to all customer contacts and company information from the "Contacts" directory in Gmail's left-hand panel.


Identify trends across all customer conversations and resolutions provided - use the insight to craft more accurate responses.


Track and analyze past communication with a specific contact or with all contacts from any company.

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