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Turn business queries into actionable tasks and assign them to your team members in a few clicks. Do it from the comfort of Gmail.

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Manage email accountability easily

  • Ensure end to end accountability for all incoming emails
  • Have complete visibility into which team member is working on what email

Maximize team productivity

  • Assign/Re-assign emails to the right person in your team
  • Assignees get real-time email assignment notifications
  • Help your teams prioritize what's important in order to provide timely resolutions

Track emails

  • Every email has an associated resolution status: Open (default),Pending, or Closed
  • Ensure visibility into the status of every email in the team inbox
  • Track the resolution status of all emails anytime, anywhere

Automate email

  • Enable rule-based automation to assign certain emails to specific team members
  • Enable round-robin email assignment among all or specific team members

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We wanted a solution that would ensure that all the incoming emails were assigned to the right person in the right team. We looked at many solutions but none of them were functional or robust enough. Hiver just fits the bill.

Matt Smith
Matt Smith

Associate Director, OSP


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