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Automate repetitive tasks

Boost your team’s productivity

Support teams are often faced with repetitive tasks — email assignment or tagging, all of which can be easily automated. Create smart rules with Hiver to automate workflows and enable your team to focus on delighting customers.

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Enable automated, conditional assignments

  • Ensure quicker email responses with automated and efficient email assignments
  • Specify conditions based on which emails can be assigned to a specific team member
  • For example, emails containing the word ‘Payment’ in the subject line / mail body will be assigned to finance specialists

Reduce inbox clutter by automatically closing unimportant emails

  • Automatically change the status of junk emails to ‘Closed’ if they meet certain conditions
  • Automatically mark all auto-generated emails closed

Manage team workload efficiently with round-robin assignment

  • Enable round-robin email assignment for all active team members
  • Ensure dedicated owners for all emails and equal workload distribution
  • Team members can update their availability using simple toggle controls

Automatically organize emails with Tags

  • Tags help you organize emails in your shared inboxes by categories
  • With Hiver, you can automate the email tagging process by defining certain conditions
    For example, every email from ‘[email protected]’ can be tagged as 'Priority'
  • Help your teams easily identify and prioritize emails that need their attention

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