Manage voice calls effortlessly inside Gmail

Elevate your customer service solution by enabling end-to-end voice support right from the comfort of your Gmail inbox, powered by the Hiver – Aircall integration.

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Handle Aircall voice calls and
voicemails centrally from Gmail

Aircall is a cloud-based call center software used by customer-facing teams to deliver fast and smooth voice support. The Aircall app has been designed in a way that makes phone support more intuitive, easily accessible, transparent, and collaborative.

The voice channel - powered by Hiver’s Aircall integration, enables teams to make and receive calls efficiently inside Gmail. Now, your teams can manage voice-based workflows centrally without switching between different applications.


Make voice-based support
smarter, simpler, and smoother


Make and receive phone calls inside Hiver.


Ensure complete accountability for each call by assigning it to team members.


Log all phone conversations for better tracking and resolution.


View all relevant information about every conversation.


Easy to set up

You can easily enable the voice channel in Hiver in a few steps. All you need to get started is a registered Aircall account.

You can authenticate with your Aircall account from inside Hiver and start handling all your Aircall phone conversations within Gmail.

    Everything you need in a helpdesk,
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    With Hiver, your team can collaborate on customer
    support emails right from Gmail. No more missed emails.
    No more asking around for status.

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