Provide WhatsApp
support from inside Gmail

Hiver’s WhatsApp Channel helps you handle customer conversations smoothly without leaving your inbox.

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Add WhatsApp as a support channel and
manage incoming queries right from Gmail

WhatsApp is a popular instant messaging app – it’s faster, more convenient, and easier to use. And so customers are more likely to use it than emails or phone calls. Teams who understand this actively use WhatsApp as a customer support channel.

With Hiver’s WhatsApp integration, respond to WhatsApp messages from Gmail while ensuring complete visibility and accountability for each conversation.


Make customer communication more engaging

  • Centralize your WhatsApp conversation workflows inside Gmail
  • Allow multiple reps to manage a WhatsApp group
  • Get real-time notifications for incoming WhatsApp messages
  • Ensure complete accountability for each customer conversation
  • Craft personalized messages with customer context picked from conversation history
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Connect WhatsApp with
Hiver in a few steps

The Hiver–WhatsApp integration is easy to set up.

To get started, create a Facebook business account and a developer account. You can then connect your Whatsapp number to the Facebook business account and authorize Hiver to receive customers’ WhatsApp messages in your inbox.

Everything you need in a helpdesk,
now in Google Workspace

With Hiver, your team can collaborate on customer
support emails right from Gmail. No more missed emails.
No more asking around for status.

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