Create user roles to suit your team’s needs

Set up well-defined degrees of control - establish who in your team does what

With Roles and Permissions, you can customize
your team’s access to Hiver’s functionalities.

Here’s how you can make it work.

Give hierarchy-based access

Design roles by expertise

Distribute work fairly

Define who distributes work to your team. For example, only team leads or senior members can add emails to the shared inboxes or assign emails to other team members.

Make the most of everyone’s strengths

Get the best out of everyone by defining who does what. For example, junior support reps manage new incoming emails while the more experienced ones take care of problems that have been unresolved for long.

More Features

Email Delegation

Delegate emails to your team right from Gmail

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Shared Inbox Automation

Automate mundane and repetitive tasks based on rules

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Hiver shared inbox Vacasa case study


Vacasa handles support tickets
80% faster with Hiver

Hiver Shared Inbox Quote

Great software without changing systems.

We have a lot of emails coming in daily that would otherwise hit each team member’s personal inbox. With Hiver, we’ve sped up our email responses and our inboxes are clutter-free.

Hiver shared inbox customer Gregory Karelitz HubSpot