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Set Your Teams up for Success with Hiver’s Team Inbox

Set Your Teams up for Success with Hiver’s Team Inbox

Mar 29, 2022
9 min read
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Harsh Vardhan

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“Email has an ability many channels don’t: creating valuable, personal touches-at scale.”

David Newman 

There are more than 4 billion active email users and the numbers are increasing with each passing year. Even with the growing popularity of social media platforms and messaging apps, emails continue to be the primary channel of communication for businesses across the world. According to a report by Project, email remains the most preferred tool for communicating with clients.

That’s not all, close to 16% of managers would prefer email interactions as they end up feeling uncomfortable communicating face-to-face with their employees.

That said, email was designed for individual use and not for collaboration. We are talking about personal accounts that cannot be shared with people unless you hand out the login credentials to them. The only other way to share emails or add people to a conversation is to make use of forwards, CCs, and BCCs. 

Now more than ever, there is a pressing need for teams to work together seamlessly to manage business activities. One effective way to enhance the efficiency of different teams in your organization is by using a shared team inbox.

Table of Contents

What’s all the buzz surrounding shared inboxes?

A shared inbox, also known as a team inbox, is an email account that allows multiple users to operate from a single email address to access, send and receive emails. A shared inbox allows you to create team-specific email addresses and add relevant team members to it. For example, [email protected] for your support team, [email protected] for your HR team, [email protected] for the finance team, and so on and so forth.

Shared team inboxes foster team collaboration, smooth workflows, and enhance communication. They let everyone work together seamlessly to handle incoming messages knowing fully well who is working on what.

In this post, we will take you through why team inboxes are great tools for collaboration and see how different teams can better their email management by investing in a shared inbox tool like Hiver. 

Let’s get straight to it.

Why should teams use Hiver’s shared inbox?

A team inbox can have a huge impact on your team’s efficiency, particularly in a customer service setup. 

If your team is working out of a shared email account in Gmail, then you’re sure aware what a nightmare it can be for collaboration. This is the exact reason we built Hiver — to help teams collaborate using Gmail without any friction.

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Here are some of the biggest benefits your team can enjoy with Hiver’s shared inbox: 

1. Streamlined workflows

One of the top benefits of using Hiver is that it streamlines workflows. It lets you easily assign tasks to your team members. With Hiver’s ‘Round-Robin Assignment’, you can even automate the process of assigning emails to their rightful owners. Promptly assigning tasks this way will help you a great deal — especially when you have a ton of emails coming into your group inbox every day. 

Hiver lets you easily assign emails to your team members

Apart from easing the process of email assignment and giving you complete clarity on who’s working on what, Hiver also lets you track the progress made on every task or email. You can easily track your team’s emails and keep a tab on their status – open, pending or closed.

Further, you can organize your team inbox with the help of Hiver’s tags. Apply tags such as ‘Leads’, ‘High-priority’, or ‘Payments’ to label or categorize and prioritize group emails as they hit your inbox. 

2. Improved team collaboration

A typical email client comes with standard features that help team members to converse with one another and manage day-to-day tasks. However, most of these tools lack advanced features that teams require to collaborate with ease. 

With a team inbox like Hiver, team members can have contextual and private discussions about incoming emails, without needing to switch to external collaboration tools like Slack. You can use Hiver’s Email Notes to have one to one conversations with your teammates, right alongside a respective email thread. Notes are just like chat messages, except they stay next to the email thread forever. 

Hiver Notes allow you to collaborate with your teammates – privately and contextually

Hiver even lets team members invite their managers or experienced colleagues to work collaboratively on drafting the perfect responses to important emails in real-time with its Shared Drafts functionality. Collaboration has never been this seamless!


3. Enhanced team performance

When your team members are working out of their individual inboxes, it’s tough to gauge what tasks they are working on at any given time of the day. But with a team inbox, you can monitor and review both your team’s tasks as well as performance. 

Karl Pearson once said, “That which is measured improves”.

We’re firm believers in tools that help us track, measure and fine-tune our performance to achieve greater results!

With a shared inbox software such as Hiver, you have access to advanced analytics and reporting capabilities that help you: 

  • Monitor what how your team members are performing with respect to their response and resolution times;
  • Measure how satisfied your customers are with each interaction with your team with the help of customer satisfaction surveys;
  • Identify spiking trends in your team’s email conversations so you can avert roadblocks as and when they arise.

Keeping a close watch on your team members’ performance will help you identify the areas that need improvement in your team’s workflows and processes.

Hiver’s robust analytics gives you a detailed picture of your team’s performance

4. Reduced response times

Research suggests that when a customer emails your business, they expect your agents to revert in less than an hour on raising a request! This means that your agents have to answer all the questions that a customer may have, amid all the other requests that they are already attending to. 

Looking at it from the employee’s perspective, close to 90% of employees are burdened with recurring tasks. Hiver’s team inbox helps you better handle this situation. It lets you automate mundane and repetitive tasks, thereby helping your team save time and allowing them to focus their attention on complex issues.   

With Hiver, you can automate repeatable and mundane tasks like email assignment

Additionally, Hiver also allows you to save frequently used emails as templates.

You can create and save customizable email templates on your dashboard which your team can use to respond to customers quickly.

Hiver lets you manage your team inboxes such as [email protected] or [email protected] right from your Gmail inbox. Every team inbox starts appearing in your left panel inside Gmail.

Let’s take a look at some of the best use cases of Hiver’s shared team inboxes for various teams. 

For a customer support team

As a customer support team you’d want to provide timely and empathetic responses to all customer queries and requests. For most support teams, consistently meeting customer needs and expectations is their biggest goal. 

Here are some of the ways Hiver’s team inbox can help your customer service team achieve that goal and more: 

  • Streamline workflows by assigning customer emails and chats to the right agents. 
  • Prevent two or more agents from sending conflicting or duplicate responses to customer emails with collision detection.
  • Manage customer expectations and service quality with SLA monitoring.
  • Offer real-time support using live chat.
  • Use email notes to share important information about customer communication within the team. Hiver’s internal Notes let you communicate with your team without the hassle of CCs and forwards. 
  • Label and organize emails on the basis of priority or type using Tags.
  • Monitor key performance metrics to improve efficiency and support quality.
  • Gather customer feedback with the help of CSAT surveys.
  • Use email templates to send out quick responses to customers.

Check out how itGenius provides outstanding customer experiences with Hiver.


For a finance team

For a finance team, improving operational efficiency and streamlining financial processes is key. You need to ensure all of your information is organized and your team is on top of their tasks – whether it’s preparing invoices, reports, or managing vendor emails. 

By investing in Hiver’s shared team inbox your finance team can: 

  • Simplify and speed up financial processes by ensuring everyone on the team is on the same page.
  • Evenly distribute tasks among team members to ensure that all incoming emails are attended to on time.
  • Automate workflows and approval processes so your team can respond to and resolve requests much faster.
  • Monitor the progress of tasks such as billing and vendor management. 
  • Create and monitor customized reports for financial processes like reimbursements.

See how DecksDirect handles finance emails 60% faster with Hiver.

For a sales team

Sales teams are under constant pressure of meeting their sales targets. They need a system that allows them to work quickly and efficiently. 

Oftentimes, getting back to your prospects with the right information in the least amount of time is what can help you grab a new deal over a competitor. 

With Hiver’s team inbox you can:

  • Streamline sales workflows so your team can close current deals quickly and work on winning new deals. 
  • Use automations to respond to sales inquiries remarkably faster.
  • Assign critical leads to the most experienced sales agents.
  • Create email templates to answer customer FAQs.
  • Collaborate with teammates more efficiently with the help of private notes and shared drafts.
  • Learn about customer needs and preferences by keeping close track of customer conversations and feedback.

Learn how New York Custom labels uses Hiver to convert leads into customers.


For an HR team

If you’re managing an HR team, you must be aware of how quickly your team inbox can get flooded with requests concerning leave applications, job applications, payroll, benefits, and much more. 

Managing such emails can take up a lot of your team’s time every day, and without an email management system in place, there are high chances of information slipping through the cracks. 

Here’s how Hiver can help your HR team: 

  • It centralizes information in a single place and helps the team complete its tasks a lot faster — keeping them focused, happy and productive.
  • It allows you to manage HR emails a lot more efficiently. Every email has a dedicated owner and tasks can be easily tracked, managed, and resolved.
  • It lets you organize emails with the help of labels or tags. You can create labels like Payroll, Reimbursements, Benefits, Insurance, Interview, Reviews, etc.
  • Automations, shared drafts and email templates help you resolve HR queries remarkably faster.

Find out how the people team at Clutter improved their efficiency by 25% with Hiver.


The bottom line

Shared inboxes can do wonders for your teams. They power them to work together in unison, manage tasks seamlessly, communicate better and improve productivity like never before.

Do you think your team could do with a performance and productivity boost? Give Hiver a try!

Hiver, the world’s first customer service software for Google Workspace, turns your Gmail into a collaborative workspace. Teams can now work efficiently and collaboratively right from a place they love – Gmail. 

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