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Hiver’s Commitment to Frontline Businesses During COVID-19

Hiver’s Commitment to Frontline Businesses During COVID-19

Sep 21, 2022
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Turn Gmail into a collaborative hub

As a young SaaS company based out of India, our response to COVID-19 in the last month changed from wait-and-watch to overnight transition to WFH to now a deep concern for the humanitarian and economic crisis this is turning out to be.

Right now, there are countless medical workers, volunteers, and people of all professions working tirelessly and selflessly to combat the impact of COVID-19 on the world.

We have been thinking and asking ourselves what we can do as this pandemic spreads across the world and how to be truly helpful in these times.

Here’s what we have come up with.

Starting today, we are offering two months of Hiver on our highest-tier plan free to any small organization helping control the virus or offering essential services at this critical time – be it research institutions, grocery services, groups involved in the supply chain of protective gear, among other businesses on the frontline.

As a tech company, Hiver has been enabling effective team collaboration by helping team members share and access information faster over group email accounts such as [email protected] or [email protected]

In these critical times, it would be an honor for us to help any business or institution operating on the frontline collaborate faster and more efficiently over email.

So if you are an organization offering essential services or involved in containing the spread of the virus, please fill out this form and we will promptly get back to you.

We sincerely thank you for the work you are doing.

Submit your request here.

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Niraj is the CEO and Co-founder of Hiver - a customer service solution that works within Gmail. Niraj can be reached on Twitter at nirajr.

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