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Hiver, a Secure Help Desk that does not Store Your Emails

Hiver, a Secure Help Desk that does not Store Your Emails

Dec 13, 2022
2 min read
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Harsh Vardhan
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8000+ teams use Hiver to delight their customers!

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At Hiver, we pay a great deal of attention to our users’ privacy and data security. It is an absolutely secure help desk that does not store your emails, your passwords, your contacts — basically, nothing at all! 

In this post, we’ve gone ahead and answered the most common security and privacy concerns you might have before you start using Hiver.

Does Hiver store my emails?

No, emails you share using Hiver’s Shared Labels and Shared Mailboxes are not stored on Hiver’s servers.

The emails might stay on Hiver’s servers for up to 1 hour while they are being synced between Gmail accounts. During this time, the emails remain encrypted, and this storage is cleaned up automatically.

This basically means that your data is absolutely safe. Nothing other than a Gmail crash can harm your data!

Is anyone reading my emails?

No. No human ever reads your emails that are handled by Hiver.

Worried that someone might gain access to your confidential data? Well, that can happen only when someone manages to hack Google. We all know what are the chances of that happening, eh?

Our support team might look at your mail only if you contact us with a problem you’re facing with our service, and give us explicit permission to access your email to fix the problem.

Is My Data Secure During Transfer Between Hiver’s Servers And Google’s Servers?

The communication and data transfer between Hiver servers and Google’s server happen over TLS encrypted connection, so your data is secure during transfer between ours and Google’s servers.

Now, this is a leakage-free path and there is no way someone can sneak into your emails — not a chance!

Does Hiver store my Gmail password?

No. Hiver neither requires nor stores your password. As part of the sign in process, you provide your password to Google, and we use something called OAuth to interact with Google’s servers.

Hiver will never ask for or store your password. We’ve made sure everything we do is hacking-proof to the core of it!

What Access Permissions does Hiver need to my Gmail/Google account, and why?

Hiver needs the following permissions to your Gmail/Google account to operate:

  • View and manage email from Gmail: Hiver uses this to monitor new emails arriving in your Gmail. We look at new emails, see if a shared label is attached to it, and share it across users if needed. The sharing action requires us to “create” a new email in other users’ inboxes too.
  • Permanently delete emails from Gmail: Hiver uses this permission for snoozing emails. When an email needs to be bumped back to the top of the Inbox, the email is actually deleted and re-created.
  • Create update and delete labels:  This is required for the Shared labels feature to work. When you create a new Shared label, Hiver will create the label in Gmail for everyone the label is shared with.
  • Compose and sending new emails: Hiver does not use this permission unless you are using the Send Later or Email tracking feature.
  • View users/groups on your domain: This is valid for installations done from the G Suite marketplace. Hiver uses this to fetch the list of users and groups from the G Suite domain. This makes adding new users super easy for the Hiver administrators.

Basically, we ensure that your emails are in the safest set of hands we have out there — Google. I don’t know if anyone has the cojones to hack them!

Oh, and it does not end with data. Hiver ensures that you remain inside Gmail too. Everything you do with Hiver happens right from your Gmail inbox. There is nothing new to learn. The learning curve is Zero.

Harsh is the content lead at Hiver. He's jocular, loves dogs, and is always up for a road trip. He also reads - when Netflix gets boring.

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