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FinancesOnline recognizes Hiver with its 2018 Great UX Award

FinancesOnline recognizes Hiver with its 2018 Great UX Award

Sep 26, 2023
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We’re proud to announce that FinancesOnline, a leading software review directory, has recognized Hiver with their Great User Experience Award for the category email management software.

In their review of Hiver, they stated: “With just a Gmail account, companies can perform top class customer support, manage and run their daily operations, hire teams and individuals and manage tasks right from the familiar interface of their Gmail inbox”.

We have always put a tremendous emphasis on making sure Hiver doesn’t get in the way of user’s day-to-day tasks. The recognition has motivated us to work harder on improving the user experience.

FinancesOnline also underscored a few ways Hiver can help teams manage their email more effectively. Here are a few highlights:

  • Manage shared inboxes: Managing emails is “quick and easy,” as teams can “instantly” view all emails, assign them as tasks to teammates, and monitor their work progress.
  • Enhanced communication and collaboration:Being able to write notes on email conversations allows teammates to share their ideas proactively, thus helping you to accomplish tasks “effortlessly and easily”.
  • Working on repetitive/similar emails:Hiver lets teams process similar requests quicker by allowing users to create, add, and share email templates easily. 

The Hiver team is pleased to receive the awards and words of appreciation from FinancesOnline, especially the Rising Star award for 2018. We’re also proud to be listed in the platform’s types of email management software guide. Simply put, these awards are an indication of how Hiver has become a trusted brand for clients.

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