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[Infographic] How to manage your Shared Inboxes: Old-school vs The Hiver Way

[Infographic] How to manage your Shared Inboxes: Old-school vs The Hiver Way

Dec 13, 2022
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Harsh Vardhan
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8000+ teams use Hiver to delight their customers!

I am sure we’ve finally accepted that Email is not dying. Gmail alone has 1 billion active users. Everything that was designed to kill email – now works in sync with Email. So, now you have Slack + Email, Viber + Email, Asana + Email, and so on.


There’s one serious problem Email fails to solve: Teamwork.

Every time you have a group of people collaborating via email to manage a function or a project, an endless string of Forwards and CCs ensue – inboxes get cluttered – it turns into utter chaos.

Shared Inboxes like support@ and sales@came into existence to solve just this. Everyone responsible for that function becomes a part of the same shared inbox, and they have access to the same information.

Except that ‘managing’ Shared Inboxes isn’t that sweet either…

Gmail disappoints (big time I’d say) every time you use it to manage shared inboxes:

  • It takes you outside your inbox to manage shared accounts
  • You will have a hard time tracking emails
  • There’s enormous room for duplication of work
  • Your team’s inboxes still get clogged up
  • You’ll not be able to measure team performance

And that is exactly why we built Hiver – to make managing Shared Inboxes a breeze.

We’ve put together a handy infographic that pinpoints how your teams’ lives will become easier when you use Hiver to manage Shared Inboxes.

Click to get the full imagemanage-shared-inboxes-the-hiver-way

Wondering how Hiver does all that we’ve just said? You can always learn more about Shared Inboxes here.

Harsh is the content lead at Hiver. He's jocular, loves dogs, and is always up for a road trip. He also reads - when Netflix gets boring.

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