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Table of contents

A Guide to Gmail for business – Benefits | Pricing | Set-Up | Alternatives

Jul 15, 2024
11 min read

Table of contents

If you’re running a business, you might need a business email account. 

When you use an email address like [email protected], it shows that you’re part of a legitimate organization. It builds trust and credibility. 

More importantly, a professional email account often comes with more storage, powerful organizational features, and enhanced security as compared to free services. 

So, where do you start if you want a professional email account? 

Gmail for business is a great option to consider. It’s a powerful email service designed to streamline your communication and keep your team on top of things. 

Let’s dive in and see how it helps with all your business communication.

Table of Contents

Benefits of Gmail for business

Gmail for business is not just about having a professional email address. It also provides a range of benefits that transform how your business communicates.

  • Professionalism: First impressions matter, and Gmail for business helps you make a great one with custom domain email addresses. For example, you can create an email ID like [email protected] – something which builds trust and makes others take you seriously.
  • Security Measures: Gmail for business takes security seriously. Features like Two-Factor Authentication (2-FA) add an extra layer of protection, ensuring only authorized users can access your email. Data encryption keeps your confidential information safe from prying eyes. Plus, robust spam and malware filtering protects your inbox from threats and phishing attacks. 
  • Increased Productivity: Gmail offers powerful search functionality that lets you find emails quickly. Labels and filters help you organize your inbox efficiently. The templates feature saves time by allowing you to reply quickly to common inquiries. And with mobile access, you can stay responsive even when you’re on the go.
  • Scalability: With Gmail as your service provider, adding new users is easy. Flexible storage options ensure enough cloud space to accommodate your increasing email needs. Whether you have a small startup or a large enterprise, Gmail for business provides the scalability to support your growth.

Stand-Out Features of Gmail for business

When you choose Gmail for business, you also get access to other apps and services of the Google Workspace suite, such as Drive, Calendar, and more. 

These services, along with Gmail, offer some powerful features that make your life (and your team’s life) much easier. Let’s take a look at some of them.  

1. Labels, Filters and Stars

Gmail for business allows you to organize your inbox according to your needs. Features like labels, filters, and stars help you organize emails in your inbox and prioritize your tasks. 

Labels help you bucket your emails into different categories (e.g., Urgent, Important, etc.) for easy retrieval of information. 

Labels- Gmail tool
Labels in Gmail

Filters help you sort emails automatically based on criteria. For example, you can filter emails based on sender, subject, or keywords. 

Stars in Gmail are used to highlight important emails, making them easily identifiable and accessible in your inbox.

These features help customize your inbox to better suit your needs. They also ensure that you never miss an important message from anyone.

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2. Advanced Search Functionality

If you run a business, chances are that you receive numerous emails daily. And if you want to search for a specific piece of information amongst all these emails, it can get tricky.

But that’s where Gmail for business’s powerful search functionality comes in.

Gmail’s advanced search function
Gmail’s advanced search operators

Advanced operators and filters let you quickly narrow down your search. With these, you can locate exactly what you need without wasting time scrolling through your inbox.

3. Templates for Frequently Used Messages

Gmail for business has a templates feature using which you can create and store templates for common responses like a confirmation message or an SOP. This way, you don’t need to type emails from scratch all the time.

Gmail template feature
Gmail Templates

You can reply to those frequent emails in just a few clicks, making your communication more efficient and consistent. Also, you can automate these responses on Gmail. 

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3. Google Meet’s Integration with Gmail

Google Meet is a video conferencing tool by Google Workspace. It comes as a part of your Gmail for business account. 

Google meet dashboard
Google Meet – Google’s Video Conferencing App

This means you can schedule and join meetings directly from your Gmail inbox. This means you can schedule and join meetings directly from your Gmail inbox – without juggling multiple apps.

4. Cloud Storage with Google Drive

Gmail for business comes with its dedicated cloud storage facility, called Google Drive. It offers with varied storage options, depending on the plan you choose.  

The Business Starter users get 30 GB of secure cloud-based storage per user. Business Standard users get 2TB of cloud storage, and Business Plus users get 5TB of storage. The Enterprise edition users get unlimited storage.

Google Drive for Business
Google Drive for Business

You can store, share, and collaborate on documents directly from your Gmail account. This integration ensures your important files are always accessible and securely stored.

5. Integration with Third-Party Apps

You can expand Gmail’s capabilities with seamless integration of third-party apps or add ons. Whether it’s a project management tool like Asana, a CRM system like Salesforce, or an email management tool like Hiver, you can directly integrate it with your Gmail inbox. 

Hiver’s integration with Gmail
Hiver’s integration with Gmail

You just need to search for an extension in the Google Workspace Marketplace, add it to your Gmail inbox, and you’re all set!


6. Admin Controls for User Management and Security Settings

Gmail for business offers robust admin controls to manage user and security settings. You can do this from your Google admin console account

Security and control settings - Gmail admin search console
Security and Control in Admin account

Gmail Admins can add or remove users, set permissions, and enforce security policies to keep your business email secure and compliant.

How to Set up a Gmail for business Account

Here’s a step-by-step Guide on signing up for Gmail for Business:

Step 1: Go to the Google Workspace home page and click “Start a trial”. All pricing plans come with a 14-day free trial, so you can create an account without paying upfront. 

Gmail for business

Step 2: Fill in the details of your Business and click “Next”

Gmail sign up details

Step 3: Add your contact information. You will be the Google Workspace administrator since you’re creating the account. Click “Next”. 

contact information

Step 4: You need to select your business domain. If you already have a domain, you can use it. If not, Google will help you purchase a new one.

Set up of account

Step 6: Your domain name has to be unique. Choose it accordingly. 

set up of domain name

Step 7: Once you have chosen your domain, click “Next.”

domain payment window

Step 8: Enter your business information and click “Next”

Gmail requires you to log in your business information

Step 9: Create the email address for your domain and click “Agree and Continue.”

Gmail sign in dashboard

Step 10: Now, you can sign in using the credentials you just created. Once you log in, you need to add your payment details and click “Agree and Continue.” But don’t worry—you won’t have to pay upfront. You will be charged after you finish your 14-day trial period. 

payment dashboard- Gmail

And that’s all! You are all set to use your Gmail business account. 

Gmail for business Pricing

Gmail for business, is a part of the Google Workspace (GW) for Business suite, formerly called the G suite. 

GW for business offers several pricing plans to suit businesses of all sizes and needs. The main plans are Business Starter, Business Standard, Business Plus, and Enterprise. 

Each plan comes with a different set of features and storage capacities. Here’s a quick pricing comparison table.

PlanPricingStorageVideo Meeting CapabilitiesSecurity FeaturesSupport Availability
Business Starter$6/month/user30 GBUp to 100 participantsStandard controlsStandard support
Business Standard$12/month/user2 TBUp to 150 participants + RecordingAdvanced controlsStandard Support (paid upgrade to Enhanced Support)
Business Plus$18/month/user5 TBUp to 500 participants + recording + attendance trackingEnhanced controls, Vault, advanced endpoint managementStandard Support (paid upgrade to Enhanced Support)
EnterpriseCustom Pricing5 TBUp to 1,000 participants + recording + attendance tracking + noise cancellation + in-domain live streamingAdvanced controls, DLP, enterprise endpoint managementEnhanced Support (paid upgrade to Premium support)
Gmail’s Pricing Comparison

All GW for business plans come with other Google apps like Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Calendar, and more

1. Business Starter

 This is the most basic plan offered by Google Workspace. 

Price: $6/user/monthFeatures: Custom and secure business email, 30 GB cloud storage per user, video meetings with up to 100 participants, security and management controls and standard support.Best suited for: Small businesses or startups with basic needs. It offers essential features at an affordable price, making it a cost-effective option for those who do not require extensive storage or advanced security features.

2. Business Standard

The Business Standard Plan costs twice as much as the Business Starter. According to Google, this is their most popular package.

Price: $12 per user/monthFeatures: All Business Starter features, 2 TB cloud storage per user, video meetings with up to 150 participants and recording, advanced security and management controls, standard support.Best suited for: Growing businesses needing more storage and enhanced features like video recording. 

3. Business Plus

If you are looking for more storage space, then the Business Plus Plan is something you can consider. 

Price: $18 per user/monthFeatures: All Business Standard features, 5 TB cloud storage per user, video meetings with up to 500 participants and attendance tracking, enhanced security and management controls including Vault and advanced endpoint management, premium support.Best suited for: Larger organizations and enterprises. The extensive storage, large participant capacity for video meetings, features like Google Vault and premium support make it a comprehensive solution for large businesses that prioritize security and scalability.

4. Enterprise

This is Google Workspace’s highest-priced plan. To get a custom quote for this plan, you must contact GW’s sales team. 

Price: Custom pricingFeatures: All Business Plus features, unlimited cloud storage, video meetings with up to 1000 participants, advanced security, and compliance controls, including data loss prevention (DLP),enterprise endpoint management, advanced support with 24/7 customer care.Best suited for: Large enterprises with varied needs. It offers unlimited storage, comprehensive security features, and advanced compliance controls, along with 24/7 premium support, ensuring top-notch service and flexibility for the most high-paced, demanding businesses.

Here’s a more in-depth comparison of Google Workspace’s pricing

Alternatives to Gmail for business

While Gmail for business is a strong contender, let’s see what email providers are out there. Depending on your needs, there might be other email solutions that work well for you.

1. Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is an email service that is part of the Microsoft 365 suite—just like Gmail is part of the Google Workspace suite. 

And just like Gmail, Outlook offers seamless integration with other Microsoft tools like Word, Excel, and Teams.

One of the standout features of Outlook is its email recall feature. With this, users to retract sent messages before the recipient opens them, providing an extra layer of control and flexibility in email management. 

Outlook also offers features like advanced filtering, customizable templates, calendar integration and more. These make team collaboration more efficient. 

Microsoft Outlook’s UI
Microsoft Outlook’s UI

Key Features:

  • Custom domain email addresses
  • Advanced security features
  • 50 GB mailbox per user and 1 TB OneDrive storage
  • Calendar integration, contact management, and offline access.

Pricing: Starts at $5/user/month

2. FastMail

FastMail is a robust email service that is specifically known for its security features. It offers unique features like masked email addresses, which help protect your privacy by creating aliases for different purposes.

Fastmail Interface
Fastmail Interface

Key Features: 

  • Custom domain email addresses.
  • Ad-free experience
  • Strong security features, like masked email and aliases. 
  • Powerful spam filtering capabilities.

Pricing: Start at $3 per user/month

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3. Zoho Mail

Zoho Mail is another excellent alternative, particularly for small to medium-sized businesses looking for a cost-effective email service. It’s part of the Zoho Workplace suite, which includes other productivity and collaboration tools.

Zoho Mail UI
Zoho Mail UI

Key Features:

  • Custom domain email.
  • 5 GB storage per user (free plan),30 GB storage per user (paid plans). 
  • Powerful email search capabilities.

Pricing: Starts at $1 per user/month


Gmail for business offers numerous benefits. It drives trust and credibility, security, and productivity of your team.

The pricing plans are quite flexible. You can choose the one that fits your business needs.

And, in case Gmail for business doesn’t meet your business requirements, you can always look for its alternatives. Microsoft Outlook, Zoho Mail, and FastMail are all great options.

Each solution has its own set of strengths. Choose the one that aligns with your business goals.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What is the difference between Gmail and Gmail for business?
    Gmail is a free email service for personal use. On the contrary, Gmail for Business is a paid service. It offers various productivity and security features, specifically designed for professional and business use.
  1. How secure is Gmail for business?
    Gmail for Business is highly secure, offering features like two-factor authentication, data encryption, and robust spam and malware filtering to protect your emails and sensitive information.
  1. Can I use my existing domain with Gmail for business?
    Yes, absolutely. Just make sure that in the setup process, you verify domain ownership and configure your email settings to use your custom domain.
  1. Is it easy to migrate from another email service to Gmail for business?
    Yes, Google provides tools and resources to help you migrate your emails, contacts, and calendar data from other email services to Gmail for business smoothly.
  1. How does Gmail for business handle offline access?
    Gmail for business allows you to access your emails and attachments offline. You can read and respond to emails even without an internet connection, and your actions will sync once you are back online.
  1. Can I upgrade my plan as my business grows?
    Yes, Google Workspace plans are flexible, allowing you to upgrade as your business needs change. You can easily add more users and increase storage and features by switching to a higher plan.
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