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How to Recommend an Employee: A Comprehensive Guide with 11 Actionable Templates
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Table of contents

Reduce response times with custom Gmail templates

How to Recommend an Employee: A Comprehensive Guide with 11 Actionable Templates

Mar 18, 2024
10 min read
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Table of contents

Employee recommendations can make a significant difference. They not only highlight an employee’s skills and experience but also offer a genuine, insightful perspective on their work ethics and team dynamics. A compelling reference can affirm a candidate’s qualifications and demonstrate their potential. They play an important role in employee’s professional development. Moreover, these recommendations paint a clear picture of the candidate’s strengths and areas of improvement, providing a comprehensive understanding beyond what a resume and an interview could provide.

Table of Contents

7 tips to remember when writing an employee recommendation letter

Before you start drafting your recommendation email, there are several things you should consider to ensure your message is as effective and helpful as possible. Here are some key factors:

  1. Your Relationship with the Employee: Consider the nature of your relationship with the employee. Were you their supervisor, a coworker, or a subordinate? Your perspective will change based on your relationship, and it’s important to clarify this in the recommendation.
  2. The Employee’s Role and Responsibilities: Reflect on the employee’s role and responsibilities. What were their primary duties? Did they excel in any particular areas? Tailoring your recommendation to the specifics of their role will make it more relevant and compelling.
  3. Examples of Their Accomplishments: Include specific examples of their accomplishments, as they help to illustrate and support your claims. Its always beneficial if you have measurable performance evaluations handy. It’s one thing to say that an employee is “good at sales”, but stating metrics like, they “increased sales by 20% over six months” is far more impactful.
  4. The Position They’re Applying For: If you know the position the employee is applying for, you can tailor your recommendation to highlight the skills and qualities most relevant to that role. If you’re unsure, it’s a good idea to ask the employee for a job description or posting.
  5. Maintaining Professional Tone and Language: A recommendation letter should be professional in tone, focusing on the employee’s work performance and skills. Keep your language clear, concise, and positive.
  6. Confidentiality: It’s important to respect the confidentiality of any sensitive company information or any personal information about the employee that isn’t directly relevant to their job performance or qualifications.
  7. Honesty: Finally, make sure your recommendation is honest and sincere. Exaggerating or misrepresenting the employee’s abilities may harm their chances if they are hired and then unable to meet the expectations you’ve set.

With that covered, let’s dive into these 11 employee recommendation templates we created for different use-cases:

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Template 1: Basic Employee Recommendation

This template is suitable for entry-level employees/ new employees who have demonstrated potential.

Template 2: Detailed Employee Recommendation

This template delves deeper into the employee performance, their accomplishments and qualities.

Template 3: Recommendation for a Specific Position

This employee reference template allows you to customize the recommendation for a specific role.

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Template 4: Recommendation for a Leadership Role

This template is perfect when recommending someone for a leadership role.

Template 5: Recommendation for Teamwork Skills

Use this template when you want to emphasize an employee’s teamwork skills.

Template 6: Recommendation for Technical Skills

Use this template when you want to emphasize an employee’s specific technical skills.

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Template 7: Recommendation for Performance Under Pressure

This template is perfect when recommending someone who performs well under pressure.

Template 8: Recommendation for Adaptability

If an employee excelled in a fast-paced, constantly changing environment, this template will suit your needs.

Template 9: Recommendation for Initiative

This template is ideal for recommending an employee who has shown initiative and drive.

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Template 10: Recommendation for Creativity

Use this template when an employee’s creativity has made a significant impact.

Subject: Enthusiastic Endorsement for [Employee’s Name] and Their Exceptional Creativity

Template 11: Recommendation for Problem-Solving Skills

This template is perfect for recommending someone who has displayed excellent problem-solving skills.

Be specific and authentic

Recommendations are instrumental in showcasing an employee’s skills, work ethic, and overall character to prospective employers or institutions. Crafting an effective recommendation requires a deep understanding of the individual’s strengths and notable accomplishments, and the ability to articulate these in a compelling manner.

Remember, the value of a recommendation lies in its authenticity and specificity. Therefore, whether you’re recommending someone for their technical skills, leadership abilities, creativity, or problem-solving prowess, make sure your endorsement truly reflects their contributions and capabilities.

If you are an employer, a manager or even a fellow employee in a business, your employee/teammates might ask you for a recommendation. That’s where creating templates become handy. If you have these recommendation templates stored in your inbox, it becomes easy to customize accordingly. 

Hiver lets you create customized emails and save them as templates with just one click. You can organize different email templates into folders and easily use them. 

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